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inVOLVED is the heart of DO IT NOW! Our aim is to give back to those who are less fortunate, as well as protect our animals and planet! A DIN inVOLVED bank account has been set up and DO IT NOW has committed to donate a percentage of its monthly earnings to this fund. Our ultimate goal is to encourage our readers, co-workers and service providers to do the same.

The concept behind inVOLVED is to do just that - become involved! As such, the DO IT NOW team’s aim is to become actively involved with various charities, church, animal and environmental conservation organisations and institutions. Proceeds from the inVOLVED fund will be donated to these organisations to help them meet their own needs. Thereafter, they will become part of the DIN network and their details will be published in the DO IT NOW Magazine. Feedback on and photographs of these experiences will be featured in either the DO IT NOW Magazine or on the DO IT NOW Website.

We don’t want our involvement to stop there, so we will endeavour to make follow-up visits to these groups, so that we can continue to build up a relationship with them and see how they are faring.

If you know of an institution or group that is in desperate need of help, please contact us at .