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DO IT NOW was created in 2005 as an Adventure Company by Francois Flamengo and Paul Carrick. Its initial purpose was to offer clients trips and weekend breakaways and serve as a vehicle for friends and acquaintances to join in the adventure activities the owners participated in. Since the inception of DO IT NOW five year ago, Francois has been living the DO IT NOW lifestyle! In doing this a dream started to grow, a vision of DO IT NOW becoming much more... Ideas, concepts and possibilities kept developing and staying with him. In February 2009 Francois bought Mr Carrick’s shares and has since been the sole owner of the company. He realised soon that his goal was now, more than ever to make his dream into reality and so get it into the world of others. This journey finally led to the birth of the DO IT NOW MAGAZINE and a DO IT NOW Clothing Range, as well as the upgrading and facelift of the DO IT NOW Website!!!


DO IT NOW has taken an active market stance from 2009 and is to develop in years to come. It has now been growing rapidly in the last few months, spreading is wings to do much more that what is was initially created for.
Now, with more than 5 years experience in a vast number of “Adventure – Sport – Lifestyle” areas DO IT NOW is giving back to existing and new clients. DO IT NOW uses various domains to achieve this goal. At present, they include the following:

  • DO IT NOW Magazine
  • DO IT NOW Website
  • DO IT NOW Clothing Range

DO IT NOW’s mission is to offer clients the opportunity to learn from our experiences and empower them with knowledge, via any of the above mentioned domains, to save them money and time. DO IT NOW has always taken pride in its personal and open relationship with clients and partners alike and will continue to uphold this standard. DO IT NOW aims to deliver the highest quality services, information and products to our clients at all time. This will be done with highly valued business ethics of trust, truth and commitment to what DO IT NOW believes in.

DO IT NOW is dedicated to the growth and advancement of South Africa, its people and its economy. We are therefore committed to uplifting those people’s lives we come in contact with as well as support and develop the community. This will be achieved by creating a portal of information for individuals to use as well as provide opportunities to become part of Adventure-Sport-Lifestyle events to those who would otherwise not have been able to have such experiences.


The vision of DO IT NOW is to make Adventure – Sport – Lifestyle experiences available and accessible to individuals from all walks of life and making these three pillars a way of life that is more accessible than it had been in the past. The aim being to encourage individuals, when it comes to their dreams, to newer hesitate or procrastinate but to do it, and DO IT NOW!


The DO IT NOW Team comprises of the following individuals:

Managing Director - Mr Francois Flamengo
Managing Editor - Mrs Elri Flamengo

Design and Production Team

Creative Director – Mrs Tessa Dreyer (LilyHouse Design Studio)
Senior Graphic Designer – Ilze Basson (LilyHouse Design Studio)
Graphic Designer - Hayley Cameron (LilyHouse Design Studio)
Text Editor – Tracy Knox