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DO IT NOW is Launching it's own ONLINE SHOP!
The shop will stock a wide variety of ADVENTURE, SPORT & LIFESTYLE gear and equipment, making sure you are 100% ready for your next experience! We will also regularly give away great prizes to regular customers and readers.

In addition to this, don't miss out on the DO IT NOW clothing range, available really soon! The DIN Clothing range includes high quality Cycling and Tri-Athlon gear as well as leisure wear to get you into the DIN lifestyle.

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Congratulations Caroline!

Congratulations to one of our contributors, Caroline Koll, who became the 2010 SA Champ at the Prestige Ultra/SA Long Course Triathlon Championships held at the University grounds in Vanderbijl Park on 21 February 2010.

Congratulations to Darryl Fox our SUBSCRIPTION Competition Draw Prize winner.

Darryl won an entry for a team of two into the sani2c mountain bike race, which took place 4-6 March 2010. The prize was kindly sponsored by Farmer Glen and his team from sani2c.

Thank you to all the other SUBSCRIBERS, enjoy your new Magazine!

High Performance Driving Drive a no-introductions-required Audi at Audi’s 4Rings Driving Academy. This is a full-day course...
Scuba Diving @ Mozambique The hidden treasures of scuba diving in Mozambique awaits all enthusiastic divers. A great trip, filled with all the Mozambiqan jewels
Fairbairn Capital joBerg2c The organizers calls this race “A ride from the heart!” and you will need a lot of that to complete this 9-day stage race.
Spec-Savers Ironman Good luck to all the participants! Send us your Ironman experiences to

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You’ve read about the incredible DO IT NOW adventures and experiences featured in the magazine, and now you can see them live on DO IT NOW TV! These videos will transport you into a world of exciting adventures and experiences such as Big Dune Driving in the Namib Desert and the sani2c race, and make you feel as if you were part of that exhilarating or scary moment! So go on, have a look!

DINTV - HPD, Aqua Plane ExerciseDuring the HPD course at Gerotek, presented by the 4Rings Team you will get...
DINTV - Wakeboard Heelside Jump WipeoutOne of the first tricks when you get comfortable on the wakeboard is the...
DINTV - Dirt Bikes, Umzumbe River Drag RacesIts always worth the ride to get down to the Umzumbe river during a outride in Tweni...
DINTV - Dirt Bikes, TweniRaymond’s Hill is named after a good friend of ours. This hill can be tricky because of the...

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