DINWallet – this service will be available shortly!

Having your own ONLINE DINWallet! How cool is that??

What is my DINWallet?
Your DINWallet is a service that allows you to store “online cash” and manage your online shopping at the DINShop without the hassles to always use your credit card. Your DINWallet will also store important information such as your shipping address and shopping history to ensure you can keep track of your online shopping.

Benefits of having your own DINWallet:

  • Your DINWallet will make your online purchase secure, fast and easy.
  • Paying with your DINWallet will save you a lot of time – making sure you have a lot more time to spend on all your ADVENTURE, SPORT and LIFESTYLE activities!
  • You can access your DINWallet anytime you like and go shopping.
  • You can also access your transaction history with little effort.
  • You will automatically be notified of special offers and discounts.
  • You get FREE Vouchers by using various functions featured on the DO IT NOW Website!

How do I load my DINWallet?
Loading you DINWallet is easy as pie. Register on the site and then log in. Once you have registered you automatically receive your own DINWallet!

To load your wallet, click on the ‘Voucher’ icon. You will be able to choose the Voucher amount you want to load/buy. Once you accept it the money will be transferred from your credit card account to your DINWallet.

Once you have “cash” loaded onto your DINWallet, shop till you drop! Mmm how do you drop if you don’t even have to get up…?

Quick ways to load your wallet using the website includes the following options:

  • You will receive a Free Voucher to the amount of R5-00 if you refer a friend to the DO IT NOW website by clicking on ‘Refer a Friend’. A person can only be referred once and you will not be able to refer someone that is already on the system.
  • You will receive a Free Voucher to the amount of R50-00 if you bookmark the DO IT NOW website as your homepage by clicking on ‘Bookmark DIN’. A person can only receive this voucher once.
  • Your will receive a Free Voucher to the amount equivalent to your subscription when you buy either a six or twelve issue subscription of DO IT NOW!

How do I use my DINWallet?
When you see an item you would like to purchase from the DINShop, click on the ‘use my DINWallet’ option. You will need to enter your password (if you are not signed-in yet) and once that ‘s done the cash will be used from your DINWallet to pay for the purchase and you will be sent an update on your DINWallet balance.

Ready to go shopping yet? DO IT NOW!