Big Dune Driving


Discover the Secret Treasures of the Namib Desert. The Faces of the Namib is a world of infinite horizons, dramatic desertscapes and a diverse wonder of unique Namib Desert fauna & flora. If this is going to be your first introduction to the Namib it will really be an exceptional experience. The emphasis is not only on the adrenaline thrill of dune driving, but a huge part of the focus of this tour is a special look at the plants; small creatures and wildlife that made this desert their home. desert traveler this is the ultimate! The adrenaline rush is unparalleled to any other you might have experienced with previous desert tours. The dunes along this stretch of Namib are higher and more challenging and require technique to maneuver from one dune strait to the next. The magnitude of what awaits you is difficult to express in words.


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