DO IT NOW Magazine was launched in February 2009 and serves as a portal for readers of any age to get involved in and read up on the latest in ‘Adventure-Sport-Lifestyle’ activities. It features entertaining and educational articles on past and current adventure and sporting events, interviews with competitors at all levels, adventure trips, hot destinations, promotion of equipment, contact information, competitions and more, that will keep our readers hooked from beginning to end. The magazine is built on three pillars:


This section is dedicated to “Adventure” and a wide variety of related topics. These articles and the website share experiences and provide answers to questions about training, what equipment is required to enjoy it safely and advice on popular destinations. Some of the categories covered in this section includes scuba diving, high performance driving, kayaking, rafting, boating, off-road driving, Big Dune driving, dirt biking, Bronze Shark fishing, hunting, paragliding and mountain climbing.


The “Sport” section covers sport-related articles. Currently, the main focus is on mountain biking, paddling, trail running, triathlons, adventure racing, skydiving and so forth. In due time, this section will be expanded to cover other sporting activities that are relevant to our readers.


The “Lifestyle” section aims to provide valuable information on the DO IT NOW lifestyle. The magazine and website features experiences, valuable information and contact details about various categories and will be expanded over the next few issues. The current categories include hiking, flyfishing, amazing personal experiences, photography, insurance, recipes, reviews and competitions.


Our mission is to be the most innovative and informative ‘Adventure-Sports-Lifestyle’ magazine in South Africa, by aligning ourselves with strategically well-positioned brands, sponsors, partners and specialist contributors, whilst simultaneously driving measurable, high voltage results for all stakeholders.

Our vision is to build the DO IT NOW brand and become the number one ‘Adventure-Sports-Lifestyle’ magazine by offering readers a range of inspiring, entertaining and educational articles that are proven, relevant and adaptable to the changing needs of our audience. We will grow our magazine with integrity keeping truth at our helm, originality in our gait and an indomitable spirit at our core.

“We had a great time!

Here is a selection of upcoming events, for more detailed information and booking forms (for DO IT NOW events) as well as links to event related websites. Click here!

Roof of Africa Enduro26-Nov-2010

Click here for more information (http://www.roof-of-africa.com/)..

Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge21-Nov-2010

Click here for more information (http://www.cyclechallenge.co.za/)..

SUBARU sani2c NON STOP02-Oct-2010



Click here for more information (http://www.fishmarathon.org.za/)..

Nando’s Magalies Adventure13-Aug-2010

The Magalies Adventure will take place from Friday the 13th of August to Sunday the 15th of Augu..

Salomons Featherbed Trail Run06-Jul-2010

Click here for more information (http://www.magneticsouth.net/events/salomon-featherbed-trail-run/)..

Spec-Savers Ironman25-Apr-2010


Fairbairn Capital joBerg2c23-Apr-2010

The organizers calls this race “A ride from the heart!” and you will need a lot of t..

Big Dune Driving10-Feb-2010

Discover the Secret Treasures of the Namib Desert. The Faces of the Namib is a world of infinite..


One action packed day for those who dare! Imagine being pulled across the surface of the water o..