The League of Beers releases its “Top of the charts” mixed craft beer December case


Words: Candace van Zyl from Shift ONE for The League of Beers | Photo: League of Beers

The League of Beers has released its latest mixed case of craft beers: ‘The Best of What’s Around’.

The League of Beers is a Cape Town-based company in collaboration with Yuppie Chef that supplies local and international craft beer to beer lovers throughout South Africa via their online store.The craft beer revolution has enjoyed rising popularity in South Africa, with fans supportingregular festivals in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

“This December mixed caseis a nod to what radio stations around the world do all the time,” says Rob Heyns, co-founder of the League of Beers, “and we decided to follow suite. This case is a ‘Greatest Hits’ selection of our most popular local brews for 2013.”

Rob has titled this December case after a band that is gracing our shores for the first time this December: The Dave Matthews Band, and is appropriately name, “The Best of What’s Around.”

Says Heyns, “This mixed case has some of the very best beers that we have sampled over the past 12 months as well as some brand new editions. There’s even a once-off brew that you probably won't see again.”

The mixed case features brewers from Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Three of the beers featured are Special Editions from top local brewers. “You can expect beers from Cockpit, Quills, Citizen, Darling, Devil’s Peak, & Union, Jack Black and CBC,” says Rob.

“If I were to choose my 12 favourite and most exciting beers for the year that I would want to consume this December, these beers would be the choice,” says Rob. Rob is passionate about craft beer and ensures that the beers represented by the League are the best in their league.

Craft beer is continuing its climb on the ‘What’s Hot’ list of those-in-the-know, and cracks the nod as an on-trend Christmas present or corporate gift for those who find mass-produced gifts unappealing. Keep track of new up and coming craft beers by keeping an eye on the League of Beers website.

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