In review: Drift HD Ghost


Words: Matthew Rae Zwaneveld & Sarah Kobal ǀ Photos: Spoe

I recently had the opportunity to test the Drift HD Ghost and decided to see what it could do at a mountain biking race. So I attached it to my helmet and off I went, no holds barred.


• Waterproof - One of the features that I really like about the camera is that it is waterproof (as much as 3 m deep!), which meant that I could fly through the mud and water and not have to worry about damaging it.
• Two-way remote control - The Drift HD Ghost comes with a two-way remote control and it’s a fantastic addition to this camera. Instead of recording an entire event, with a lot of dull footage, you have the option to record or stop recording simply by pressing the remote, which can be attached to a belt, bangle or put into a pocket. LED lights on both the camera and remote show what mode the camera is in, and this is really useful because you don’t have to check whether or not it's recording. The remote works within a 10 m radius from the camera, and it can control multiple cameras within this distance using the 'one to all' setting. Head-cam users will especially enjoy using the remote to capture all their awesome tricks on camera.
• Drift app - After an epic day of mountain biking, and whilst chilling at a café that had Wi-Fi, I used the Drift app to view the footage taken, from my phone! I was given the option of downloading the video so that I could share it via social media, but, of course, to reach perfection, I first needed to edit the footage! There was minimal lag between the camera and my phone, which was impressive.
• Tagging - Another great feature is how you can 'tag' videos. I spent a while trying to do a really cool trick around one of the track's corners and eventually got it right. I then tagged the video, which is then stored five minutes prior to tagging the video, as well as five minutes after you press tag. The quality of the video is excellent and the battery life is definitely one of the longest on the market, which is important when you are riding for hours on end.
• Navigation - Navigating around the camera is really easy and simple. The benefit being that when you are racing or tired, you don't need to think too much about what to do.


• Chesty - The only downside of this awesome device is that the chest harness is not designed for females, as it's very uncomfortable to wear and is something that should be looked into.


When opening the package, you will find several different mounts for the camera, including the goggle, flat, and curved surface mounts. Alongside these, there is the two-way remote control, multiple cables, and instructions. The only two things that are not included are a protective housing for the camera and memory card. But in saying that, a protective housing isn't really necessary because it's pretty tough on its own. The battery, card, and ports are under a removable hatch on the back with a waterproof seal. The lens is replaceable and the LCD screen is protected by Gorilla Glass, which is scratch proof and less susceptible to damage.

Rating: 8/10