Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Gear Devices Launched!


Words: Francois Flamengo

If you’re still a fruit lover or staring from outside through the window… you have missed the launch because the party is now in outer space, or should I say another Galaxy!

Samsung has launched their new range of innovative products during their World Tour yesterday in Cape Town and to say the least, it’s breaking new grounds and responding to people’s needs again.

The launch was a very impressive, visual and innovative event, hosted by MC Michael Mol. After the launch, the guests, which included many celebrities were spoilt with live entertainment and a delicious finger-food dinner and dessert.

Samsung showed a strong focus on individual user experience by motivating the user with their 'Design your life' motto, which featured four main aspects: healthy life, connected life, worry-free life, and passion for life. Samsung is showing a true interest in Africa by supporting the Smart Health app, which will be standard on all Galaxy Note 3 devices.

New features revealed:

The new Galaxy Note 3 was revealed and whenever you think there is no other way of featuring new cool functions, the engineers at Samsung obviously sees this as a challenge to prove you wrong.

Some of the stunning features on the new Note include:
• A larger 5.7” full HD screen with an awesome 386 pixel density and 1920x1080 screen resolution.
• A quality leather stitch finish that reminds you of the feeling of a classic dairy.
• The S Pen features more functions for quick access via the Fan Style user-friendly menu option from the Air Command.
• Copy and paste between multi App windows on one screen
• In App open of apps to quickly reference information and continuing inside the app without having to exit.
• Multi-Vision that enables more than one Note 3 to share the same picture for a bigger viewing experience, which is great for watching movies or playing games.

To complement the fantastic device, Samsung decided to up the ante for fellow competitors again, by pairing it with the new Galaxy Gear device. At the moment the Gear is featured as a watch with a 1.63” Amoled screen in a variety of colors but as the name suggest, it’s only inevitable that we can expect more devices from the Gear range. Although some of the features might seem primitive, remember that this is a world first and that this technology is only currently available from Samsung.

The great thing about the Note 3 and Gear duo is that it enables you to go “hands free” as most of the basic functions that you would like to perform is available from the Gear device. And when you need to get more 'hands on', you can simply open the note and it will be open on the same location where the gear device is… enabling you to reply to an important email immediately without having to search for it on the Note 3 thanks to the Smart Relay technology featured in the Gear Device.

To access the features on the Gear, simply swipe from side to side to navigate the various menus. When you would like to select a certain function, tap the screen and to exit the function, swipe the screen from top to bottom to go back.

Currently the Gear will also have 40 compatible Apps, that users can download, but many more is expected soon as the popularity of this new device floods the market.

For now the Gear will only be compatible with the Note 3 but Samsung has revealed that it will soon be compatible with most devices in the Galaxy family.

These are just some of the fantastic features, to experience more of them get your hand on a Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Device… the longer you ponder the further behind you are going to get. Welcome to the most innovative device experience and digital world from Samsung, pairing Fashion with Technology!