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15/05/2014 to 17/05/2014



Nedbank Sani2c Route Info

Get a taste of what to expect by checking out the route info below!

We can tell you it will be more of the same plus lots more! Farmer Glen is always making sure the route gets better and better.

1 87km 450m
2 99km 2 288m
3 80km 902m
TOTAL 271km 4 840m

The Route Day 1
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Underberg school, Underberg
Time: 7:00am
Finish: MacKenzie Country Club, Eastwold, Ixopo
Distance : 87km
Total Ascent : 1450m
Route Profile
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Water Points : Water Point 1 - 39.5km
Water Point 2 - 63.5km

Nedbank sani2c will start outside the gates of Underberg Primary School. The first 12 km of district road will split the batch before entering the dairy farm roads. You will pass through green valleys filled with dairy cows lazily chewing the cud. Soon we are back on familiar ground with the first “dual” single-track section through the Oak Maze. Remember to keep left and pass right or just dice each other flat out. Thereafter, you will join the district road for some respite before the first significant climb up to the highest point of the event at View Climb and the last time you will see the Southern Drakensberg. More “keep left, pass right” double single-track will lead down the Ferns through cool pine forests and onto the PG Bison bridge. Here you will encounter the unique 200m-long, curved, submerged and floating bridge. After the short Mbiba single track fast forest roads lead you out of Sappi Mossbank and into Mondi Brooklands. Gentle tracks lead you out of the pine forests and onto the farm of Charlie James, the mayor of Bulwer.

By now your legs may begin to feel the strain for the first time as near the first water table and spectator point. After the bustle of the table, a silent forest road leads you up the New Big Ring Climb and then on towards Donnybrook passing Duma’s and Cape Chestnut Valley. A good climb opens the lungs before you take a cool and often wet descent through the Xumeni Forest, home of the Cape Parrot. Soon after leaving the natural forest, you will be surprised by the second watering table and spectator point situated at Bowman’s farm. As you take leave of your admiring supporters, your legs will feel the climb leading up Bowman’s Hill and on to a short section of technical single-track, included specially for the free-riding junkies. The next fast pine forest track will see you dropping in altitude as you enter the final valley for the day. Here you descend all the way on single-track through the pine plantations where the single tracks of Wappo’s, Muffin Top and Goog’s lead you to a picturesque Alsea farm dam wall. From here, some of the quietest back roads in the country will punish the untrained on the final short, nasty, tortuous climb to the finish at MacKenzie Country Club, which is the first overnight stop.

Temp : Cold nights and early mornings: 5 degrees celsius.
Day temp: 18 to 26 degrees celsius.

Average Max temp: 28.4 degrees celsius
Sunrise (Sani) 05h43
Sunset (MacKenzie) : 18h35
Services : Massage Services: Yes
Swimming Pool: No.

The Route: Day 2
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Start : MacKenzie Country Club, Eastwolds, Ixopo
Time: 6:30am
Finish Jolivet, 10km south of Highflats.
Distance : 99km
Total Ascent 2 288m
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Water Points : Water Point 1 - 37.5km
Water Point 2 - 64.8km
Water Point 3 - 82.2km
Terrain :

Soon after the 04h30 awakening, the reality of what lies ahead will jolt the senses into nervous anticipation. Day two of Nedbank sani2c is long and arduous by any standards and the early start will reaffirm the respect that this stage commands.

The early batch start will see batch A competitors hurtling down 7km of district road before entering the start of the Ant’s keep left, pass right” double single-track. There after it is Funny music, Butterfly and Soda Falls before Wow exposes the jewel of Nedbank sani2c, the Mighty Umkomaas Valley. These tracks will take riders offer some of the most spectacular views should the early valley mist afford this opportunity. The fast track is broken by short sections of forest roads, which allow overtaking opportunities.

Yankee Doodle is one of the highlights of the Nedbank sani2c and the first taste of things to come for the next 30km. You are lead into Murray’s Meander which has to be some of the most dramatically positioned single-track imaginable. At first glance, it would seem that a route would not be possible above the towering cliffs that drop down to the Mighty Umkomaas. After some breath-taking single-track past Shangi’s homestead and along old cattle paths, riders find themselves being led straight into Nick’s Pass.

Dropping into this valley, this fast switch-back descents will have your brake pads sending hot whiffs of warning to those behind. Here you will find the pride of the route builders – a 3km purpose-built bench cut mountain bike pass known as Sosiba’s Section. Thereafter, you will experience some of the most enjoyable single-track to be found, including the School with some technical rocky patches and short, steep gravel descent.

After passing the cheering children of our adopted Msayana School, you will find yourselves being lead through the heart of Nedbank sani2c country.These fast-flowing sweeping curves will allow you a quick glance at the Umkomaas River, which grows ever closer as you continue your descent. A sharp right bend takes you into Mchunu’s Pride, a smooth, fast, bush-lined footpath leading you past the remote homesteads of Mchunu’s two wives, many children and grandchildren. Leaving the dancing Mchunus behind, you enter the real African bush where the flowing singletrack of Heaven or Hell races through the thorn trees for 3km before the final climax of Tamika’s Detour, which bottoms out on the banks of the river.

The pace and adrenalin rush now changes as you bottom out and follow the banks of the Umkomaas river towards the Cat Walk bridge. After crossing to the north bank of the mighty Umkomaas it is into the game farms and Giraffe Alley for some 10-odd kilometres of mountain biking euphoria. The Peri Bridge will take you back across the river and onto the school boys of Maritzburg College at the 39km mark and the first seconding table of the day.

After Freeman’s farm you will warm the legs on the tracks that lead towards the Ixopo River into a game farms teaming with kudu, bushpig and nyala. This game track is not the only thing that rises – the altitude, temperature and your heart rate soar as you climb out of the valley. This is a long, winding climb through Steve’s Spruit that is challenging under the best of conditions. The remote Ixopo River Valley has many river crossings and is as far as one can get from civilisation. After crossing this river many times, you will pass sad deserted land claimed farms. All will welcome the Nando’s seconding table where most will rest awhile and tuck into a great Nando’s burger.

Leaving the table one drops back into a small valley before a nasty steep climb up to the deserted building of Grand View Farm. Thankfully it flattens a little as you reach the tops and some great game paths lead you through Out of African and into the plantations surround Highflats. Be comforted by the fact that it only gets cooler as you leave the thornveld and approach the timber plantations on the top. Fast Sappi roads lead riders on to Fisherman’s trail and Highflats Church, where you will find the third seconding table for the day. From here it is a further 20km of undulating forest roads past Knocker farm, Judy’s Corner, Puddle Alley and onto the final 2km of Charlie’s Sidewalk before a welcome finish at the second race village on Jolivet Farm. This day will be remembered as one of your most challenging ever on a mountain bike.
Ave. Max. Temp : Cold nights and early mornings: 5 degrees celsius.
Day temp: 18 to 26 degrees celsius.

Ave Max Temp: 35.4 degrees celsius
Sunrise (Sani) : 05h43
Sunset (MacKenzie) : 18h34
Services : Massage Services: Yes
Swimming Pool: Yes

The Route: Day 3
Route Maps : Click here to download
Start : Jolivet, 10km south of Highflats
Time: 7:00am
Finish : Scottburgh Main Beach, Scottburgh (South Coast)
Distance : 80km
Total Ascent : 902m
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Waterpoints : Waterpoint 1 - 21km
Waterpoint 2 - 54km
Terrain :

Be buoyed by the knowledge that today’s stage will be a great deal faster and less technical than yesterday’s and should be the easiest of all three days. The day starts by passing through one of the country’s most manicured sugar cane farms whose roads will afford you the opportunity to appreciate its beauty. A long, quick descent through Whitley’s farm will split the field as will the first hard Clint’s climb. Soon after the climb the single track “roller coasts” you into new surroundings experienced at every turn. Sweeping cane roads will move the tour along at a surprisingly brisk pace from farm to farm on its journey to the coast. A few short steep climbs will remind your legs why they needed the training, as will the steep technical climb fondly known as Work to be Done. An interesting change in terrain will lead you into the tracks of Vernon Crooke’s Nature Reserve and on to some spectacular single track through Mtagati coastal bush. Look out for the wildlife and appreciate the herd of cheeky Zebra that often escorts cyclists through their plains. Shortly after Vernon Crookes, prepare for two surprises that will punish those who start too ambitiously and who are now scratching in the bunch.

There was change in the route for 2013. Instead of turning up towards Heart Rate Hill one continues down the valley and under the R56 tar road. This new route will add a further 8km to the old route but takes away Heart Rate and adds some amazing new section. After crossing under the R56 riders flow down the river valley for 12km towards Esparanza. There a specially constructed underpass takes one on to a spectacular section named Ricky’s Rail. This old railway route wind down the banks of the Kelso River and onto Dave Toil which is purpose dug track taking one out of the valley up onto an old golavaan track fondly known as Lost and Found. It is on this single track that mountain bikers will experience up and close pristine south coast bush. A gentle climb known as Dump Hill will join you into the spectacular trails of Ellingham Estate. Andre’s Underpass leads one back under the R56 and into Andre’s Ambush. This is another great initiative which not only serves for the race but offers a year round off road safe passage for local mountain bikers wanting to ride the Ellingham trails. An exhilarating finish through Moodie Lane leads one onto the Nedbank Green Mile where riders will be taken onto one of the longest floating bridges known. The 360life Bridge will have many features in the lagoon which will build riders to a climax as it moves into the sea at Scottburgh main beach where the finish line awaits together with family and supporters.

Feel justifiably proud and thankful that you have achieved a feat that many would never consider. Be grateful that you are strong and healthy as you celebrate the successful completion of a life experience. You are on your way to becoming a legend. Well done!
Cold nights and early mornings: 5 degrees celsius.
Day temp: 18 to 26 degrees celsius.

Ave Max Temp: 28.2 degrees celsius
Sunrise (MacKenzie) : 05h44
Sunset (Highflats) : 18h33

Laundry: Yes (in Scottburgh Town)
ATM: Yes (in Scottburgh Town)
Swimming Pool: Yes (The Big blue sea, tidal pools); Showers and restaurants.