From hero to zero


Words: Wian Sullwald

This is Wian Sullwald’s own description of his participation in the ITU World Triathlon event in Yokohama this past weekend.

Sullwald’s body was in complete rebellion against the punishment it was receiving, forcing him to abandon the race after the first lap of the cycle leg.

“My chest closed up. My nose was blocked. I had blurry vision and, to top it all, I also had a massive headache. I had no other option than to pull the proverbial plug and get back into bed.

“I am very sorry that I had to disappoint my supporters and I am also really angry,” said Sullwald, who won the ITU World Cup in Chengdu the weekend before.

“The only positive spinoff of this setback is that I am now more motivated than ever before. I am planning to take out my frustrations on the London World Triathlon event in two weeks’ time. Of course this can only happen if I don’t have to battle with some virus again.”

According to Sullwald he stayed on in China after his first World Cup victory to prepare for the Yokohama event.

“As luck would have it I ended up being ill, in spite of taking very good care of myself. I suspect that it was the polluted air that affected me, because I am inclined to have nasal problems.

“I continued with my preparations for the event, hoping that I would recover in time, but unfortunately it was not to be. I felt flat and weak the morning of the race and my heart beat at a faster rate than it normally does, but I still kept motivating myself for the race.

“I realized at an early stage that I was in trouble because I kept on falling behind. After the swim I could hardly run to my bike. I did one bike lap, still hoping that I would recuperate, but when it did not happen I decided to quit.”