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DO IT NOW aims to inspire and motivate all South Africans to get involved in more adventure, sport, and lifestyle activities and events that are available locally and internationally; be it paddling through white water, taking to the mountains, soaring in the clouds, crossing deserts, travelling to the most extraordinary places, participating in your favourite sport, visiting a festival or just opening up the throttle on a race track or open road.

Adventure. Sport. Lifestyle. Delivered.


DO IT NOW is an online adventure, sport and lifestyle magazine for readers of all ages and features entertaining, educational, and inspirational articles, news, galleries and videos on just about anything and everything related to adventure, sport, and lifestyle activities or events in South Africa and abroad.

The first print issue was published in October 2009, and since then the magazine has continued to grow and develop over the last three years, resulting in 27 consecutive and amazing print and digital issues.

The team’s vision for the magazine has been to drive expansion by developing a 360-degree, multi-platform approach where current content extends beyond print into digital and mobile to truly engage it’s various audiences. With this vision came the change, evolving the company into a fully digital publication from 1 August 2013. In a world where instant gratification is key, the new and fully digital route has brought the content to life in a whole new way.

It was the start of a whole new era, with the magazine moving ever closer to providing readers with articles in the adventure, sport and lifestyle domain, that are more current and interactive. In addition to providing more current content, readers have the option of reading the magazine in the way they want, whilst doing their bit for the environment:

Daily news, event updates & results, Facebook posts, Twitter interactions and more.

1. Weekly digital reader articles for desktops, smartphones and tablets. This option is great for the readers who prefer to read their articles in a fully magazine-styled design. Pages can be flipped, to give it that authentic magazine feel, with additional links to video content. Top features include a pageable magazine-styled format with live links and video content.

2. Weekly plain text articles for desktops, smartphones and tablets. This is the perfect option for a quick browse-read, while not wasting time or money to download other content. Features include plain text articles with interactive links, photo galleries and video content (where relevant).

3. Daily articles, news, event information and galleries can be downloaded for free on the DO IT NOW Application (Apple and Android devices for more information visit www.doitnow.co.za/app).

4. Monthly interactive DO IT NOW Magazine app for tablets and smartphones (Apple and Android devices). This version if ideal for the App savvy user, who prefer to consume the magazine as a whole in an even more interactive manner. Top features include creative layout with video content, live links, additional information, photographs, and search functionality.

In addition to original stories and great articles DO IT NOW Magazine also offers daily updates on latest news, event information and weekly galleries, results, interactions and videos. The website is supported by the DO IT NOW Facebook and Twitter platforms to keep various audiences up to date, informed and entertained, daily. Readers can also choose to receive the weekly magazine and all the latest news in their inbox every Friday, by subscribing to the DO IT NOW weekly newsletter online.

The DO IT NOW team strives to provide the latest high-quality adventure, sport and lifestyle articles, news and event information on an on-going basis via plain text articles, a digital reader format or downloadable application, while reducing our carbon footprint. What better way to achieve this goal than by offering a dynamic, weekly web-based and monthly application-based magazine, constantly evolving website, weekly newsletter, dedicated YouTube channel and vibey social media platforms? With this we aim to partner up with top companies to promote and and increase their product visibility.

Contributors to the magazine include professional sports men and women who enjoy sharing their wealth of knowledge, and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. With such a vast range of topics, all complimented by quality photographs, no two issues are the same, thus ensuring that our readers are hooked from beginning to end.

Some added benefits are:

Latest news - Up-to-date news on happenings in South Africa
Events Calendar & Events pages - on a wide variety of events and activities throughout Africa
Exciting competitions - with equally exciting prizes up for grabs
DO IT NOW Weekly - newsletter featuring weekly published articles, latest news, upcoming happenings, and exciting competitions
Categories - the 20+ broad categories showcase related articles and information as well as visual galleries and videos
Facebook - hourly updates and interesting and entertaining posts
Twitter - updates during weekend events as well as results and feedback


The Adventure section is dedicated to adventure and covers a wide variety of related topics for the outdoor enthusiast. The magazine and DO IT NOW's website share fascinating, adrenalin pumping experiences and provide information on what equipment is required to enjoy it safely, plus advice on popular destinations. Some of the categories covered in this section include scuba diving, high performance driving, kayaking, rafting, boating, off-road driving, big dune driving, dirt biking, paragliding, skydiving and mountain climbing.


The Sport section is a great resource for all sportsmen and women. It features in-depth coverage, with pre-and or post event articles on numerous events and sport-related activities such as mountain biking, paddling, trail running, triathlons, marathons, adventure racing, mountaineering, hang gliding, wakeboarding, surfing, training advice, nutritional information, profiles and much more.


The Lifestyle section provides a wealth of valuable information for those who are passionate about golf, vehicle reviews, hiking, fly fishing, photography, insurance matters, recipes, gaming, music and movie reviews and various competitions. You will also find useful travel tips, off-the-beaten-path itineraries and amazing personal experiences.

The involved category is where the focus is on creating awareness for all the many unsung heroes, those who are less fortunate, and protecting animals and planet.


DO IT NOW Magazine
1. Weekly articles - digital reader (www.doitnow.co.za)
2. Weekly plain text articles (www.doitnow.co.za)
3. Monthly compiled interactive magazine (Apple iTunes, Android & Kindle Fire(Amazon)
4. Latest news when it’s hot
5. Events calendar
6. Media team (providing event coverage)
7. Categories on a wide range of topics
8. Galleries
9. Videos
10. Facebook & Twitter posts, video, gallery, updates and entertainment