It's mini-FEAT time, Cape Town


Words: Lisa de Speville

Oh golly... as I type this I've got one more sleep until mini-FEAT Cape Town and I'm so looking forward to meeting our speakers, Kyle O'Donoghue and Stephen Venables.

I've had a lovely two days so far in CT - a bit of meeting-and-mingling and theatre scouting and hanging out.

Being the Jo'burg girl that I am, I have a 'where do we park?' thing. I'm told that Capetonians know the deal and that they just find parking... That's just a bit too random for me.

If you've never been to the Mountain Club of South Africa clubhouse and to help you along, this will give you some parking options.

MCSA is on Hatfield Street (near the intersection with Dunkley Str), across the road from the SA Jewish Museum and Cape Town High School ('x' marks the spot). There are very broad pavements on the High School side that accommodates multiple rows of cars. There is also parking at the nearby Dunkley Square and, of course, the surrounding streets.

Doors to MCSA will be open from around 18h30 and the bar will be open for refreshments. We'll get going with the talks at 19h30.

If you haven't yet booked tickets for mini-FEAT, you can do so online - through EntryTickets - up until the minute you walk in the door. And, if you're in CT and are unable to attend, please let your friends know about mini-FEAT. Sharing is caring.

So... CAPE TOWN - it's great to be here and I look forward to seeing you - old faces and new - very soon.

Warm wishes,