Words: Damien Laird | Photos: Lerissa Kemp

Balance boards are by no stretch a new idea. The board was initially introduced as a fun way to improve the balance of surfers, skateboarders, wakeboarders and any other board riders.

Photo credit: Lerissa Kemp

The Rolloboard was designed and built right here in South Africa in 2009 by Matt Buenzli, who loves surfing and is an avid windsurfer in his spare time. He believed that good balance is essential to improve one’s ability to master any sport that requires stability and core strength.

As a balance board enthusiast, I’ve found that by spending just a few minutes each day fine tuning your skills on these boards can bring immeasurable results. From my experience of having tried out various shapes of boards, the Rolloboard has the perfect length and width for performing the many skateboard-inspired tricks that are possible. Trick Style Rolloboarding has become a new practice amongst the younger generation, who already do other board sports such as skateboarding or wakeboarding.

All it takes for a newcomer to the sport is five minutes of riding time to understand how the balance works, and then the fun begins. What’s so fantastic about a Rolloboard is its versatility, as it can be used anywhere and at anytime. A Rolloboard is also not just for those adept at sports. It can be used by anybody, of any age, as a form of stress release and for harnessing personal power. Let me elaborate on this by listing the numerous advantages of using a Rolloboard:

This easy to use and portable item is perfect for kids to build equal muscle coordination on both sides of their bodies from an early age. It is also ideal for adults to help with their balance and do something fun, which takes their mind of the constant stress of work. There is no special kit required to take part in this activity, so the only expense before riding your very own Rolloboard is the cost of the board.

So whether you want to pursue a current sporting activity with an empowered sense of balance or you just want to further your bodily awareness, core strength and emotional balance in daily situations, the Rolloboard will help you on your way. This product will last a life time and provide self-enhancing attributes that are priceless.

›› A heightened sense of balance is developed.
›› Improved core strength as a result of enhanced balance.
›› By learning to stay on the board, better concentration is developed.
›› A fluid style is acquired, which helps with other board sports. Remember, style is everything!
›› It’s fun, which enhances the mental and emotional state.
›› The body is worked equally on either side.
›› All of the above will create and maintain a calm meditative space within a person.

Boards consist of a wooden deck, which is placed over a cylindrical pipe and thereafter anybody may stand on the deck whilst maintaining their balance on top of the piping.


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