Share a yacht holidays

18 September 2015

Words: Cheryl Swift | Photos: Deposit Photos

If you've dreamed of heading out to sea in your own yacht, but are overwhelmed by the idea of planning your course, having to man the deck and following a compass with relative accuracy, the phenomenon of ‘share a yacht’, or ‘share a sail’ holiday may well be the answer to your unfulfilled reveries.

The premise of ‘share a yacht’ or ‘share a sail’ holidays is very simple. The excursion involves boarding a yacht and embarking upon a seafaring adventure with other people. Some may have sailing experience and others may be complete newcomers to the idea.

As many as 30 to 40 people are normally expected to turn up to each ‘share’ voyage, providing plenty of opportunities to make new friends and share tips and stories along the way. ‘Share a yacht’ holidays are particularly popular with solo travellers and couples. Essentially, they are the types of holiday that will appeal to travellers who are happy to go wherever the wind takes them, and those who have time on their hands to truly indulge in their dream to experience the freedom of the open sea.

If you need any more incentive to book your first trip, it is worth remembering that a shared experience will often be much cheaper than hiring your own yacht or paying for the services of a captain to sail you between destinations. It’s luxury at it most economical.

The type of activities you’ll be able to enjoy on a ‘share a yacht’ holiday wholly depend upon the type of excursion you’ve booked. These days, there are trips to satisfy even the most adventurous and curious-minded, as well as the most chilled and relaxed personalities. Perhaps your idea of a good holiday is the chance to unwind on a sundeck, sip a cocktail and engage with a good book.

Maybe you enjoy island hopping, experiencing new cultures and enjoying a BBQ on deck with some wonderful new friends.

You may even fancy a spot of diving, deep-sea fishing, swimming or jet skiing. The wonderful thing about ‘share a yacht’ holidays is that the choice really is yours.

As the trend grows in popularity, there are now numerous ways to book your next voyage, including seeking out a specialist travel agent, enquiring in your local holiday retailer or keeping an eye out on social media groups. You could even try searching the term in your favourite internet search engine and seeing what you come up with.

Let the adventure start before you’ve even stepped on board.

The popularity of shared sailing holidays

Why have ‘share a yacht’ holidays become so popular? One of the major selling points of this type of excursion is the sheer freedom afforded to passengers. You have the freedom to choose your own adventure, the chance to take part in whatever activity you wish and the opportunity to sample different cuisines, cultures and witness sights you may never see otherwise.

‘Share a yacht’ voyages are also a wonderful way to meet like-minded people who could easily become friends for life and really lose yourself for a week or two, or longer.

Sailing holidays in general are experiencing a peak in popularity because of the sheer number of celebrities and influential people that are now taking to the seas in search of privacy, adventure and sightseeing. Lord Laidlaw’s superyacht, the Lady Christine, can frequently be seen sailing between Monaco, South Africa and Sardinia, where the Scottish businessman and baron has holiday properties. His lifestyle is one that inspires a whole generation of new travellers. The internet and tabloids are filled with images of glamorous people aboard yachts, and it can be very tempting to let your imagination run away with you. With a ‘share a yacht’ experience, that dream can become a reality.

‘Share a yacht’ and ‘share a sail’ holidays are experiencing something of a renaissance, and it isn’t hard to see why. If freedom, adventure, variety and the opportunity to meet new people are the types of thing you look for in a holiday, it may be time to think about setting sail.