Skylight - Made For You


Words: Genevieve Vieira

On first listen of Skylight's debut album, Made For More, produced and recorded by Grammy- and SAMA-winning producer, Darryl Torr, it's clear that their music is 'more' than a few melodic chord progressions strung together. As pleasing as it is to the ear, the songs are equally embedded with a sense of meaning and purpose that has elevated Skylight to where it is today, not only as musicians but as individuals as well.

Spreading the need for love and peace, Skylight work together with those around them to raise awareness worldwide and it is with this sentiment that they hope their music will have broader reach, extending out to international markets. It has taken the band over two years of writing, pre-production and recording to produce their debut album, but one thing is for sure - it doesn't disappoint.

Skylight's roots can be traced back to 2009 when three like-minded musos - Greg Jorden (vocals and guitar), Peter Klein (bass) and Bradley Cumming (drums) and later Wesley Ayliffe (guitar and back-up vocals) - joined forces after performing at a music event. The trio soon began writing music together, the chemistry instantaneous and their individual visions started to take form.

In 2010, their song Always Enough became an instant hit and it wasn't long before the track secured them a spot on Joburg Day's line-up, performing in front of 18,000 people. The quartet slowly made their way into the public eye again in early 2013, with the release of their first single, Give It Up, a taster of what they have to offer and it only gets better. In summer of 2013, the band introduced the catchy hooks of Born To Love You.

More recently, Skylight released a music video of their first single, Give It Up. The song is taken from the band’s debut album Made For More and is a combination of high-energy guitar riffs and thumping bass grooves, with complementary, meaningful lyrics. Highly diverse and innovative, their sound is fresh, uncontrived, yet enjoyable. Check it out below. 

Thanks to Michael Lewis and Taryn Calverey for their support because without you this video would not have been possible.

There is one thing, of course, that cannot be expressed through written word but must be seen and heard in person, and that is Skylight in action. The energy generated from a single performance is enough to keep you going for an entire week, but if all else fails, now you can pop a disc into your CD player and enjoy.


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