The South Coast is hosting the world famous Africa Expedition 500


Words & Photo: Nikki Tilley

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Over 20 national and 20 international teams are signing up to what is to be one of the most exciting events to hit the KwaZulu Natal South Coast yet.

On Saturday 8th March, after months of negotiations, arrangements and discussions, event organisers met with the South Coast Tourism in Port Edward team to sign the deal.

`We are thrilled at hosting this is a groundbreaking event – not only is South Africa already ranking very high internationally - having won 5th place in the World Champs in Costa Rica recently, but to have over 40 teams join us from around the world in our piece of paradise, is a true privilege’ says South Coast Tourism’s CEO Justin Mackrory.

Heidi Muller, Kinetic’s Event Organiser says that teams are made up of 4 people – in the most cases three men and one woman, however in the case of Russia, there are two women participating. This means that this event will attract 160 competitors who will stay in and around the South Coast for the duration of the five day event in addition to the additional days which they need to spend here in order to acclimatise. Acclimatisation for teams from around the world works on one hour to one day spent here prior to the event. Therefore if a team has a time change of 5 hours – they will need to spend an additional five days here. Africa Expedition is one of Kinetic’s biggest events and is taking place between the 25th – 31st May, with teams departing from the 1st June onwards. What is exciting about this is the economic impact this event has, in addition to the developmental aspect whereby local children will be taught how to swim and paddle by world champions.

The event which includes cycling, kayaking, running and just about anything to get you to the finish line, sees participants being challenged to their maximum endurance over 500km of harsh terrain. This territory is carefully mapped with over 25 strategically marked media and health and safety monitoring stations.

Also in attendance at the meeting was Nikki Tilley, Marketing & Events Specialist for South Coast Tourism who says `World media are watching too – every Adventure Racing team brings their own media person who then will be uploading visual and other content to social media and television daily to their home countries. From a tourism point of view, what better way to market an area to a global audience whilst showcasing our true gems? Locations are mapped and tracked, recorded and uploaded with surrounding areas of interest and beauty being cut into the mix. We are incredibly fortunate to be able to work with 20 media agencies and journalists from around the world in such a way and to further develop networks to build on other sporting events on the South Coast’.

And with the event organisers so passionate about the area, discussions are already underway to host the 2016 World Championships here too.

There are still some opportunities should you wish to be involved with this event, such as assisting with the Community project by supplying 80 Branded T-shirts and lunch boxes for the children and 4x4 vehicles to assist with media transport.

For more information please contact: Heidi Muller of Kinetic Events

Tel: 011-807 8027, Cell: 082 5646468 and visit