Sports and Events Tourism Exchange

Event Date: 
22/10/2013 to 24/10/2013

Venue: Durban

With the past tourism focus having been on the Leisure and Business sectors, the introduction of the Sports and Events Tourism Exchange (SETE) Exhibition and Conference now plays a fundamental role in promoting the new “sports” trend within the industry.

Sport Tourism is one of the fastest growing areas of the global travel and tourism industry. Quite obvious are the links between the Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Networks – spotlighting the interplay between these markets and the economies of the driving countries.

The Sports and Events Tourism Exchange provides a platform to:

- Pursue bidding and hosting of major international events
- Promote Africa as a training destination for northern hemisphere athletes in their winter months
- Promote Africa as a destination for social participants in sport, exploiting our golf courses, beaches, stadiums & hiking trail
- Increase Tourist volumes, spend and length of stay
- Promote transformation
- Promote local federations and associations
- Showcase Africa’s experience and expertise in hosting and managing medium and large international events
- Promote home-grown events
- Promote the countries, states and provinces and what facilities and services they have to offer
The third annual Sports Events & Tourism Exchange will be hosted in Durban to outline the implementation of the Sport Tourism strategy that was adopted in the 2012 conference. SETE 2013 is also taking a proactive move to strategically align Africa as a whole, as the arena that has the potential and capabilities of hosting international events, sporting teams (especially during their winter months for training purposes) and also to use the time wisely when travelling to an African country by experiencing all the tourism offerings available.

The SETE 2013 event will welcome pre-selected high caliber International Hosted Buyers, a larger scope of services and products specifically related to tourism and sport and also expose Africa’s finest destinations to the Sporting and Event fraternity.

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