JBay Winterfest Gears Up For The OAKLEY X-OVER Celebrity Event


Words: Craig Jarvis | Photo: © Kolesky/Nikon/Lexar

Oakley South Africa are raring to go with their inaugural celebrity event, the Oakley X-Over Challenge at the JBay Winterfest. Much excitement surrounds this multi-disciplined cross-over challenge, and the invited athletes and celebrities are already in 'serious training' for this fun event.

The Oakley X-Over is set to run from 15 - 16 July, which is in the middle of the ASP JBay Open World Tour surfing event waiting period, as well as in the middle of the 11-day JBay Winterfest.

With surfing, golf and mountain biking as the three disciplines in this invite-only event, the athletes are going to find the going challenging. One of the athletes, ultra marathon runner Ryan Sandes, might be one of the fittest guys around, but can he hit a golf ball?

"I m super stoked to be taking part in the Oakley X-Over Challenge with some of South Africa's top athletes," said Sandes. "It's such a cool concept and I am really interested to see how the various athletes perform outside of their known sports. I am a bit worred about my golfing capabilities, but it is going to be lots of fun."