Stoltz’s winning streak continues at Pennypinchers origin of trails Stage Two


Words: Newsport Media | Photo: Jetline Action Photo

Multi sport legend Conrad Stoltz continued his winning streak on Saturday, 30 November 2013 completing the Pennypinchers Origin Of Trails 70km Long Course in a lightning fast time of 02hours56minutes25seconds.

According to Stoltz Stage Two was much tougher. “I was tired this morning after yesterday’s Stage. I didn’t hear the briefing and couldn’t understand why Jurgens Uys took off at such a fast pace. When we got to Kayamandi I saw the banner at the top of the hill where the ISUZU Hot Spot was, the reason for Jurgens’ pace. Stuart Marais and Matthew Beers were extremely strong. I tried dumping them a couple of times, but they kept catching up,” said Stoltz.

“So I didn’t get to enjoy the scenery as much as I wanted to,” continues Stoltz. “It was on a long, dangerous downhill that I managed to get away. I stopped once at a water point for coke, but didn’t see Matthew or Stuart again. The Pennypinchers Origin Of Trails is a mountain biker’s race. It has everything, but it’s not too long. The food has been phenomenal. I really enjoy this kind of racing and will definitely be back next year”. Matthew Beers came in second, while Stuart Marais finished third.

Overall Men’s Long Route: Conrad Stoltz claimed an overall victory, completing the Two Stages in a combined time of 06hours27minutes36seconds. Matthew Beers came in second, while Stuart Marais finished third.

Cherise Stander claimed her first stage win completing the 70km Long Course in 03hours31minutes34seconds. “Today was really tough,” said Stander. “I really enjoyed the stage, but the last 10km, I didn’t think it would end. I broke my chain with 8km to go. The Pennypinchers Origin Of Trails is very tough, but amazing. It features everything, technical sections, up hills, down hills, spectacular views and more. I am really happy with my win. It definitely helps with the motivation for 2014”. Sharon Laws came in second, while Jennie Stenerhag finished third.

Overall Women’s Long Route: Sharon Laws claimed an overall victory, completing the Two Stages in a combined time of 08hours28seconds. Cheriese Stander came in second, while Hanlie Booyens finished third.

Manie Lubbe claimed his second stage victory completing the 42km Short Course in an impressive time of 02hours03minutes18seconds. “That was flippen lekker,” said a very excited Lubbe. “The neutral zone was probably the best pace of the day. When we reached Kayamandi I wasn’t sure whether the ISUZU Hot Spot was for the short course riders as well, so I sprinted to the top just in case. The route markings were great. G-Spot was definitely my favorite part of the route and it was nice having David Cooke ride with me as I really get bored riding alone. I’ll definitely be back next year,” said Lubbe. Gysbert Malan came in second, while Bruce Poole finished third.

Overall Men’s Short Route: Manie Lubbe claimed an overall victory completing the Two Stages in a combined time of 04hours39minutes18seconds. Bruce Poole came in second, while Gysbert Malan finished third.

Amy Williams was on top form in the women’s 42km Short Course claiming her second victory of the weekend in a time of 02hours36minutes33seconds. According to Williams Stage Two was tough. “Today wasn’t as tough as Stage One though. The single track was once again a highlight, while the scenery was amazing. It was one of those days where I had to keep reminding myself not to give up. I loved the different routes. I’ll definitely be telling everybody about this event,” said Williams. Gabrielle Chaizy came in second, while Karen Lottering finished third.

Overall Women’s Short Route: Amy Williams claimed an overall victory completing the Two Stages in a combined time of 05hours47minutes56seconds. Gabrielle Chaizy came in second, while Carli Cooke finished third.

“The main reason for starting this event was to plough back into the trail building potential of the area,” said Michael Meyer, Director Stillwater Sport & Entertainment. “We are very pleased to announce that a total payment of R203 000.00 will be made to the mountain bike (MTB) and trail cause, further securing Stellenbosch as the mecca of MTB trails in South Africa. Beneficiaries will include the Stellenbosch MTB Trail Initiative, Banhoek Conservancy,, Paul Roos MTB, Volunteer Wildfire Services and Event Trail Building to name just a few. We feel that this is truly a great start to an event that is guaranteed to grow even more stature”.

Event Information:

The Pennypinchers Origin Of Trails is an individual two day mountain bike stage race that combines a vast network of world class trails with beauty and exclusivity. Riders are given the unique opportunity to experience a spectacular combination of single-track that to date has been unknown to the mountain biking community of Stellenbosch.

Stage One: Friday, 29 November 2013
Distance: +- 71km or +- 38km
Start: Church Street (Stellenbosch)
Finish: Paul Roos Gymnasium (Stellenbosch)

Stage Two: Saturday, 30 November 2013
Distance: +- 70km or +- 42km
Start: Church Street (Stellenbosch)
Finish: Paul Roos Gymnasium (Stellenbosch)

Riders could stock up on energy at the much loved Bokomo Breakfast Zone that opened from 05h30 on both mornings of the event.

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