The Warrior Race #7

Event Date: 
19/10/2013 to 20/10/2013
North West

Redstone Country Estate, Broederstroom, Hartebeespoort Dam, NW, South Africa


Warrior Brats
(max 13years of age)

A track for the little big guys!

The course will be a lean 500m in distance for this race with 8 obstacles. You will face 1 obstacle every 60m. Things kids dream about and make adults whish they were kids… These small warriors will be getting seriously dirty like they should. They will be expected to climb over and crawl under, jump, balance, run and most important of all; laugh and have fun.

The highlight of their season for sure!

Warrior Rookie

The Warrior Rookie race consists of a slapping 6.5 KM, with 15 adrenaline pumping obstacles. On average, participants will encounter an obstacle every 500m. The Rookie race is all about having fun but make no mistake, participants will be challenged and team work will be at the order of the day. However, solo competitors don’t distress, fellow Warrior Racers will always help because that’s what Warriors do… One NEVER leaves a struggling or injured soldier behind on the field of battle.
Participants will be expected to climb over some larger than life obstacles, crawl in and climb over mountains of mud, slide down steep slopes at lightning speed, jump of high… very high platforms into water and heaps more!

Some of the obstacles Rookie Warriors will encounter The "Aaaaa" valanche "T-t-t-t"ower of Rage
Mud Monster
Arctic Mud
Spider Web
and many more…

Warrior Black-ops

The Ultimate Challenge is the Warrior Black-ops Event. This BEAST of all obstacle races will be 18km in length, completed with 30 gruelling obstacles. The Black-ops race is not designed to be your friend… it is a testing battlefield where casualties will be a reality. The harder you hit this race – the harder it will hit back; so don’t try to give it a knockout in the first 10km, you will fail unexpectedly!
The Black-ops race is designed to test every possible muscle fibre in the human body, as well as seriously test your mental strength to carry you over each hurdle and the final 4km – you will have to push past your limitations!
This race is for the more serious athletes and fitness brutes, but remember that a true warrior never leaves a struggling or weakening fellow Warrior behind!

The heart of a Warrior is not only Determination, Drive and a Winning Attitude, but the ability to show good sportsmanship and respect toward those around you on and off the course at all times.
Black-ops Warriors will be expected to climb up tall ropes, crawl into, over and under mountains and rivers of mud, carry, throw over and drag heavy objects, climb up massive cargo nets, swing across rivers, fight through muddy swamps and volumes more.

Some of the obstacles Black-ops Warriors will encounter: Net Monster
Grip Ripper Rope Hanger
Wounded Soldier
Tower of Rage
The Avalanche
Extreme Monkey – this monkey is gonna get worse
Vertical Limit
and many more…