Editor's foreword - 21 November 2014

Welcome to the 21 November 2014 issue of DO IT NOW Magazine.

On the cover this week is the Spur Adventure Series – An Overberg regular, a series of six events that take place summer, in the Overberg area, which offer something for all fitness levels and age groups.

La Ruta de Los Conquistadores – Conquer or be conquered is a blow-by-blow account of what it's like to take part in what's claimed to be the toughest stage race on the planet. This race is said to test riders abilities, physical endurance, mental strength and equipment durability as they cover 280 km and close to 6,000 m of vertical ascent - and it did.

On 29 November 2014, the Kingdom of Lesotho will play host to second edition of the fast-growing Lesotho Ultra Trail (LUT2014), Africa's first Ultra Skymarathon®. Although this fledgling event is new on the South African and international trail calendar, it's already highly-rated and being compared to some of the top trail races that are held in South Africa by participants. Read Running the Kingdom to find out more about this event.

In Let's Get FUN-ctional!,we take a look at how a well-rounded fitness programme that adopts best practices in a gradual fashion towards specific goals, is not only rewarding, but fun as well. Plus there are some great tips to help you reap the benefits of exercise, rest and healthy eating.

Ladies, this article is just for you. Does your preferred sport's discipline demand a lot of time training one particular group of muscles? If the answer is yes, then one way to ensure you are not overtraining a specific area of your body is by doing cross-training. Find out more in Cross-training for women

The article Cairo to Cape Town: Making it happen is about preparing for a 11,500 km Cairo to Cape Town adventure, by bike, and forging ahead no matter what, to follow a dream.

With the end of year looming, it feels like time is speeding up, with the days and months flying by. It always seems like there is too much to attend to and too much to respond to. The article Aromatherapy can help you deal with stress provides some great tips on using aromatherapy, a natural solution, to help counteract the effect of the year-end rush. Still on the topic of stress, we delve a little deeper into this issue in Dealing with stress, which focuses on what causes stress, how our bodies handle stress, and symptoms of being overstressed, as well as provides tips on how to cope with it.

Until next Friday, don't hesitate, don't procrastinate, do it now!


COVER PHOTO:  A competitor taking part in one of the Spur Adventure Series' events.




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Welcome to the 21 November 2014 issue of DO IT NOW Magazine.