Spur Adventure Series – An Overberg regular


Words: Ugene Nel ǀ Jacques Marais

Great vibes, family fun and individual challenges. That pretty much sums up the ethos in this series of adventure sport, now in its 13th year.

This last decade and a little longer, has certainly been one of more people getting out and about and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. Certainly one of the ways of spending quality time with friends, family and colleagues is to enter one of the six events that make up the Spur Adventure Series, which takes place during the summer season in the Overberg area. Specifically at Paul Cluver Estate, Oak Valley Estate and the Grabouw Country Club.

There is something for just about the entire spectrum of fitness levels and age groups at these events, but let’s break it down as follows:
Spur Eco Warriors – This is a 2 km mountain bike ride followed by a 500 m dash/run at the race venue. Parents are welcome and encouraged to go with the younger ones and even assist them during this event, but they need to keep in mind that this is for the benefit and enjoyment of the kids. Approximate age group is between 3 and 7 years.
Team event – This is perfect for the young, old and not so fit, who want to have fun. It is not a relay. Teams of two to three do all the activities together and stay together for the duration of the action, which consists of a 10-12 km mountain bike leg and a 2-3 km trail run, with natural obstacles and a water crossing with a rope floated on inner tubes – not a swim. With various categories to compete in, this is an all-time favourite with the entire family, friends and colleagues.
Solo event aka as the Spur Duo – Duo meaning two disciplines: a 20-25 km mountain bike leg followed by a 5-6 km trail run, which will ensure a more challenging option for the weekend warrior and fitter competitor.
• Fun Run – This is a 5-6 km trail for those without bikes or not keen on the mountain bike part.

The emphasis on all of these events is for people to come out and celebrate life in the outdoors, and the Overberg region certainly lends itself to these activities.

Other interesting facts

• For every Spur Adventure Series entry, R5 goes to the Spur Foundation. Nourish. Nurture. Now. Born out of the desire to uplift and improve the lives of South Africa’s families, with a special emphasis on nourishing and nurturing children, the Spur Foundation aims to put smiles on the faces of those who need it most through supporting a variety of like-minded organisations.
• As part of our 'green' initiative, we always ask and encourage competitors to take their plastic and other recyclables home with them and dispose of it responsibly by making use of a recycling programme in their area or to take it to a recycling centre nearby. We are thrilled to say that the response has been fantastic.
• We encourage competitors to spread the word about the pristine beauty of the Overberg region as a whole. It certainly is a unique area of the Western Cape and one that must be treasured, protected and enjoyed responsibly.

Event information

Upcoming Spur Adventure Series events to diarise and look forward to are as follows:
7 December 2014 - Oak Valley Estate, Elgin - Entries are open
18 January 2015 - Grabouw Country Club, Grabouw - Entries are open
8 February 2015 - Oak Valley Estate, Elgin
22 March 2015 - Paul Cluver Estate, Elgin

There are several events on one day to please all, and include:
• The Spur Adventure Duo kicks off at 08h00 and is for solo competitors doing a 20-25 km mountain bike and 5-6 km trail run.
• The Spur Adventure Sprint event is geared for teams of two to three having fun on a 10-12 km mountain bike and 2-3 km trail, with a water crossing. This happens at 09h00. It's not a relay – the team stays together.
• The Spur Eco Warriors set off at 09h15 on their guided 2 km mountain bike trail, 500 m run and a 20 m sack race to the finish.
• The Spur Adventure Fun Run sets off at 08h30 on a 6 km fun trail run.

More information
For more info about this series, visit www.quantumadventures.co.za or follow them on Facebook - Quantum Adventures Events and on Twitter - @QuantumUge

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