Love at first workout



Words: Nabila Ismail

Up until the end of 2013, I would have sworn that if one machine boasted too many pros, it was way too good to be true. And then I discovered a beautiful piece of equipment called the elliptical or, as I like to call it, the 'product of plentiful pros'. Here are my top three reasons why the elliptical will be my 'go-to' machine for a long, long time.

Love at first workout
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1: Full body workout

We all know the treadmill works the lower body, the chest press works the upper body and yoga works the core. But what if I told you that you could get a full body workout all at once on just one machine? Many ellipticals have moving handlebars that allow for a full body workout; as your upper body works to move the handlebars, your lower body works to move the pedals, while your core remains contracted and steady to maintain proper posture. Make no mistake, this does not mean that specific muscle groups cannot be targeted though. Want to work your legs out only? Let go of the handle bars entirely or hold onto the stationary handlebars and let your legs do the work. Want to go even further and specifically target the buttocks and hamstrings? Reverse the direction in which you’re pedalling. The options are numerous.

2. Low impact

Many people shy away from exercise equipment due to age, ailments or they are recovering from injuries and instead turn to 'natural' methods of exercise, such as walking and running, assuming that these methods of exercise would have a lower impact on their physical condition. However, if you are walking on a treadmill or walking on a street, every step you take has a direct impact on your bones and joints and could work to exacerbate physical health conditions. In contrast, when using an elliptical, this impact does not occur as your feet never leave the pedals of the elliptical, making it a safe option for all those seeking a low-impact method of exercise.

3. Intensity option

Albeit a low-impact machine, elliptical trainers offer the option of varying the intensity of your workout. You can do steady cardio, by maintaining a steady speed and level of resistance all through your workout. There's also the option to do high-intensity interval training, by alternating between a high level of resistance with a slow pace and bursts of a low level of intensity with a fast pace. Or you could simply follow a pre-designed workout routine that some ellipticals have programmed into them; the level of intensity is entirely up to you. Personally, I have found this to be my favourite pro of the elliptical, as the various options keep the workout interesting irrespective of how many times I've used it.

The pros of the elliptical are much greater than an article about three of its pros. To truly understand the machine, hop onto one and give it a go. I assure you, soon you’ll also be raving about it to anyone who’ll listen.

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Love at first workout
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Love at first workout
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