Mobe Ultimate X

Event Date: 
20/12/2013 to 22/12/2013
Western Cape

SAKA / Mobe Xtreme Kitesurfing Tour 2013/2014. Race, freestyle and big air.

We are back from the first leg of the new SAKA Tour in Yzerfontein.

We had wind on all 3 days, starting off light in the mornings and really pulling through in the afternoons with 35 - 40knots. It was an awesome event and enjoyed by all.

We started off with a registration on Friday and then held an old school /big air event.

On Saturday we ran the freestyle discipline and ending with a world class final.

Dutch rider Johnno Schotte and Oswald smith the S.A champ put on an amazing performance and both pull all the stops.Oswald smith took victory in the end.

We ended off the day with the wave discipline which was won by our PKRA ranked Luke Mcgilliwie.

Sunday had lighter winds which made it perfect conditions for the slalom racing event which was won by Oswald smith and close behind him our first s.a champ Colin Heckroodt.

Round 2 of the SAKA tour will take place in Strand on the 20th – 22nd December...

Come join us for great kite surfing action, beach activities, equipment testing and loads more.

Big thanks to all our sponsors who made this event possible:

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