Garden Route 300

Event Date: 
21/02/2014 to 23/02/2014


Western Cape

Garden Route 300

Riders doing the GR300 in 2014 will ride the best route since the race’s inception in 2011.

Day 1’s route takes riders through the N2 culvert once which enables more time on the beautiful different routes of the Garden Route National Park including the world famous ‘Red Route” and “Petrus se brand’. As always, day 2 introduces an all-new route. It starts out of town in the quaint ‘1 stop street’ settlement of Barrington at the foot of the Outeniqua Mountains. The sandy trails of Buffulo Bay and surrounds have been replaced with cool indigenous forests, beautiful views and many stream crossings.

Day 2’s route starts at the beautiful function venue of Quinta di Montanha in Rheenendal. It follows the 7 Passes road to the unique settlement of Karatara, where it veers north into the indigenous forests and black water streams and fynbos of the Garden Route National Park. There is an 800m portage over the Homtini River, along the Famous Outeniqua hiking trail here. This is portage is pure enjoyment, because the time it takes to do this is EXCLUDED from your overall time on day 2. From there, the route heads towards Jubilee Creek, and back through the farmlands of Rheenendal towards Phantom Pass’s 2.5km downhill single track before riders cross the Knysna river via the Red Bridge and head back along the Knysna lagoon to the Quay 4 race village.

Day 3 is a “blast from the past experience” ... for anyone who previously rode the Cape Epics that started in Knysna before 2008. The GR300 2014 route will follow the same direction as it’s big brother the Cape Epic did all those years back. This change in direction will also afford riders the opportunity to enjoy the best of the Homtini Cycle Trails in a downhill direction.