Book review: My Life My Africa ǀ Author: Philén Naidu


Compiled: Tracy Knox

Have you ever had the urge to leave everything you know behind and set off on an adventure? Philén Naidu did. My Life My Africa is his story about dropping out of university at 23, leaving his family, friends and comfortable suburban South African upbringing behind, and setting off to discover his true potential in Africa.

Philén bears his soul as he takes us on an incredible journey that stared when he began to question the purpose of his existence. Desperately unhappy, he packed his life into a 25-litre backpack and headed north into the wild African unknown. What followed was a five-year African adventure that took Philén through experiences and to places he never dreamed possible.

Whether he was bumping into wild rhino at night, sitting in the shade of mango trees with the villagers, sharing in their 'local brew' or learning the intricacies of smuggling items across the border for business, what he discovered along the way about life and himself was so clear and simple, yet so difficult to apply.

In summary, My Life My Africa invites the reader to experience a young man's journey to find his truth and to test himself against the forces of life that tempt him to abandon his soul and his beliefs. It's written from the heart, entertaining, and will provide you with some food for thought. This is Philén's story, but it could be yours.


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