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MADproductions: Backcountry Spirit


There's something special about the Alps...

Everyone is always searching for the next adventure, so do we. Since we have summer all year long in Madeira Island, Portugal, when August arrives it's time to pack the bags, load the bikes in the plane and just go, usually with a european destination in mind. It's the perfect way to forget about our college studies and focus in something that keeps you alive.

We didn't want to ride our downhill bike this summer. We started planning our summer in February, searching for a unique experience. That's when we found Trail Addiction, based in Les Arcs, France.

They seemed to have it all: the enormous single tracks, the massive uphill’s and adventure. When you combine all of these aspects of riding you really can't ask much more.

If you want to live and experience the ultimate enduro riding, we recommend Trail Addiction crew. Really unique moments, great trails, great accommodation, food and friendly people. Make sure you visit www.trailaddiction.com for more information about the riding in Les Arcs.

Thanks for the support EVOC, Bike Zone, Unit, Six Pack Racing, Vittoria, Les Arcs, Trail Addiction and Peisey Vallandry.

Directed by Antonio Abreu
Produced by Antonio Abreu, Rui Sousa and Paulo Batista
Riders: Rui Sousa and Paulo Batista
Location: Les Arcs, France
Music: Dan Croll - From Nowhere
Thanks to Alistair Jamieson, Serena Hobson, Tim Jones, Andy Lill, Will Farnsworth, Sally Ann Bramley, Amanda Vaughan, Mooray Gooddelow, Joe Buck, Tom Dixon, Vitor Sá, Duarte Nóbrega and Alexandre Rebelo.

"From Nowhere" by Dan Croll (iTunes)
Dan Croll
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