No more wind and rain forecast for Cape Town golfers


Words: Duane Stacey / Photos: The GolfLab


For many golfers, the only meaningful way to spend a sunny day is out on the links. With 18 holes to look forward to, the sun's rays caressing the greens, blue skies and the wind at their backs as they clasp the rubber grip of a favoured club all ready to tee off, nothing much can destroy their joy of being alive. That is until a sudden change in weather sends them scuttling back to the clubhouse looking more like a drowned rat than a Masters’ champion does. Despite their ambitions of a best round being squelched, the glorious game of golf will always call them back … it always does.

However, for those at the mercy of the weather gods in the Cape, the birth of The GolfLab may just be the answer to every golfer’s ambitions. This state-of-the-art facility boasts five indoor simulator bays, which features the world’s best launch-monitor technology from Foresight Sports. The launch monitor projects an image of a driving range onto the screen and golfers have the option to practise on the driving range and or play a closest to the pin competition. With the technology able to calculate the actual flight path of a ball and final resting place (distance) to within half a metre, golfers can also experience the real challenges of professional golf by playing on one of 28 internationally renowned golf courses, as well as playing against their friends on some of golf’s most testing environments.

The GolfLab offers something for every golfer. Beginners can putt their way through a Lego land of mazes or fire shots at an abandoned warehouse, scoring points for every window they shatter. The intermediate or average handicapper will be able to complete 18 holes in an hour, in a bay costing only R250, regardless of how many people play in the area. So green fees for a fourball playing over two hours can be sliced to less than R125 per person on some of the finest courses the world has to offer, thereby making it an affordable experience for anyone.

Gap testing allows golfers to measure the distance they hit the ball with each of their clubs, which every calibre of golfer needs to know. These precise measurements add to the competitive golfer’s weaponry and knowledge of their own game and, in all likelihood, will secure some closest to the pin prizes in their next competition.

For those golfers looking to take their game to the next level, the technology listed below can make all the difference. Furthermore, having the professionals from Etienne Oliver’s Golf Academy on hand to guide them to success, it is surely only a matter of time before we see another South African donning the Green Jacket at Augusta.


Using technology by TaylorMade, reflective markers are strategically placed on a golfer’s body, to create a full 3D image of their golf swing. The golf pro uses this data to understand exactly how a golfer moves and reacts during their swing by analysing body and club positions both at set up and through the entire swing process. With this information, the guys from Golf Science, based in the GolfLab, can offer conditioning advice or club-fitting recommendations.

SAM Puttlab

This ultimate putting-training system is based on accurate ultrasound measurements, as well as analysing the 28 most important parameters of a golfer’s putting stroke. The results are then displayed in easy-to-understand graphic reports, thus enabling golfers to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses for more efficient training.

Head Measurement Technology (HMT)

This is the most accurate and complete club-head analysis technology available today. HMT combines with the Foresight GC2 to capture club-head data with an ease and precision never seen before. Critical data from the impact interval, such as club-head speed, horizontal club path, smash factor, dynamic loft and lie can then be analysed


This is new, groundbreaking technology for focus training. The pros from Etienne Oliver Golf Academy always talk about focus, intensity and being in the 'zone', but until now these concepts have been hard to conceptualise. FocusBand brings a real understanding of what ‘the zone’ actually is, enabling the golfer to experience true focus in less than five minutes.

With access to all aspects of the game under one roof; from professional coaching, club fittings and specialised golf-fitness training to enjoying a social round amongst friends, the GolfLab is the perfect place for golfers to continue improving their game and building their confidence for when they can get back on the course again.

Price list

Golf simulator
30 minutes - 125.00*
1 hour - 250.00*
*These bays are booked for time slots and not on a per-person basis.

Specialised golf lessons

MAT-T - R650.00
SAM Puttlab - R550.00
FocusBand - R550.00

* Prices correct at time of publication

More information
For more information, visit, email or call 021 701 1142


One lucky reader stands to win a 2 x 1 hour simulator play voucher from the GolfLab, in Cape Town.

To enter, send an email to with 'Golf fanatic' in the subject line.

The competition closes at midnight on Thursday, 13 November 2014, and the winner will be chosen from all entries received. DO IT NOW' competition rule apply. One entry per person.

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