Peppadew International launches pasta sauces


Words: Gizelle Zwartz

Pasta sauces can be a work of art, really. A delicious simmering pan of juiciness that instantly turns a simple meal into a gourmet moment. That’s why we’ve added them to our Peppadew® product range.

The Peppadew® brand, the flagship for Peppadew International, has been the dominant premium brand in the pickle category in South Africa for some years now. This premium position was established when Peppadew International started bottling and marketing the now famous piquanté peppers as well as a relish and a splash-on sauce under the Peppadew® brand name.

This delightful sweet and spicy pepper started a taste revolution that captured the hearts of adventurous taste buds not only in South Africa but around the world establishing the Peppadew® brand name as a consumer favourite. Following on the success of the piquanté pepper, Peppadew International, again under the Peppadew® brand name, launched another instant success: pickled jalapenos and pickled onions.

“It became clear to us,” explains Peppadew® brand manager Laurian Ovens, “that consumers trust the Peppadew® brand name as a sign of quality. They see it as a brand that implies great food with great flavour, conveniently packaged to add an edge to their cooking experience. This has strengthened our belief that we can grow the Peppadew® brand name into one of South Africa’s leading quality food brands.”

On to pasta sauces
In thinking brand extensions, international and local research indicated that the South African market could benefit from a pasta sauce range that would offer bold flavours, a twist on the traditional and innovation. “Added to these insights,” says Ovens, “was the fact that our existing Peppadew® products would sit very easily with a pasta sauce range making it a logical progression for the Peppadew Brand

The pasta sauce range offers fresh simple, flavoursome ingredients in just the right proportions to give you that rich homemade taste. “We’re not messing with the history of the great pasta sauce. We’re just using our expertise to offer consumers convenient deliciousness. As with most of the products under the Peppadew® brand name, our pasta sauces contain no artificial colourants or preservatives. The Peppadew® Pasta sauce range has a year shelf life.

 Pasta sauce flavours
Our flavour choices for the Peppadew® pasta sauce range, based on international trends and local research results, include tomato and basil (the traditional classic), our heart stopping piquanté pepper in two bold flavours: Piquanté Pepper and Garlic and Piquanté Pepper and Olive, a Green Pepper and Garlic sauce (offering an innovative twist that the whole family will love) and a Tomato and Jalapeno Chilli sauce for those consumers who prefer a hotter product.

The Peppadew® pasta sauces are packed in 400g glass jars with an RSP of R25.99. Look for them at Pick n Pay and Spar nationally and at Shoprite Checkers Gauteng and KZN.