Tis the season to be grateful


Words: Cornel Theron

Tekkie Tax recently announced the amount of money that was raised this year in the first campaign. A whopping amount of R2.4 million was received from its fundraising efforts for various welfare organisations in South Africa.

Tis the season to be grateful

Tekkie Tax took place on Friday, 31 May and saw the nation dress up in their tekkies in support of a good cause. A small donation of R10 was made for the official Tekkie Tax sticker, providing a means for the project to raise funds.

The proof of the success and support that this campaign had was mirrored in the people that supported it. They were from across the South African spectrum. Celebrities that have given Tekkie Tax their support include Johan C Venter, Jack Parow, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Die Flooze, Sade Giliberti, Thys die Bosveldklong, Laurika Rauch, 7 de laan, Denver Vraagom and many more.

Why all this support for Tekkie Tax? For the first time ever, South Africa had an annual fundraising event where the donor could choose which welfare sector he or she wanted to benefit from their donation. There were 5 different stickers available, representing the following sectors:
• Animals
• Basic Family Care
• Children
• Disability
• Education

And where did the heart of the people lie? 34% of the participating audience chose a C sticker, representing Children, making this the most supported sector!

The campaign was endorsed by some of the biggest and most accountable NGOs in the country, all of which has received money from the Tekkie Tax campaign.

• Child Welfare SA
• SOS Children's Villages
• CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation)
• Special Olympics SA
• Endangered Wildlife Trust
• HPCA - Hospice Palliative Care SA
• Pet Welfare SA
• Imisebeyelanga Services
• South African Woman's Federation (SAVF) and the list goes on . . .

Ashley Wagner Principal from Little Leaps School for Autism in Centurion said that “they were glad to have received the money from Tekkie Tax and will be using the money towards a new classroom in 2014”

The organisers of the campaign, The Marketing Team, received an overwhelming feedback of "Thank you" for organising such a seamless and no-risk fundraising campaign. Annelise de Jager, organiser of the campaign said "For me the biggest joy is the fact that we were able to connect 14 different national welfare organisations across our 5 sectors to work together in one big fundraising campaign. Some of the beneficiary organisations even cancelled other fundraising plans and choose to rather work with the Tekkie Tax team. In the process we saved money and shared resources to ensure that all donations can get to the respective organisations.

Diarise Tekkie Tax day for 2014, Friday 30 May.