Warrior #3 Smutshuis Irene, Pretoria

Event Date: 
05/04/2014 to 06/04/2014

Smutshuis, Irene, Pretoria


Warrior Bratz - 1km - 8 Obstacles
The Bratz race is for kids ages 4 - 13 years. The race consist of 8 fun filled obstacles over a distance of 500m - 1km.

Rookie - 5km - 15 Obstacles
Rookie race is the race for anyone and everyone. All you need is the will to have an insane amount of fun!

Commando - 10km - 20 Obstacles
Commando race is for those who feel Rookie is not enough and Black-ops is still a dream. This race will really challenge you but not break you like Black-ops.

Black-ops - 16km - 30 Obstacles
Black-ops race is for the really brave and fit warriors out there. This race will test you physically and mentally but nothing beats the feeling of completing a Warrior Black-ops race.