Choosing to Live


Tracy Knox

Choosing to Live is the remarkable true story of adventure and survival in the Amazon jungle.

On 25 August 2012, two months into a planned solo source-to-sea navigation of the Amazon River, Davey du Plessis, a young solo adventurer, was ambushed, shot and left for dead within the isolated jungles of Peru. The adventure turned into an intense moment-by-moment struggle for survival as he made his way, wounded, through the dense jungle, seeking rescue and safety.

Choosing to Live is Davey’s personal account of his Amazon experience, which he recounts with an endearing openness, while sharing unique insights into the power of compassion and his ability to remain motivated during his ordeal.

Choosing to Live is available from as an ebook, or you can purchase a hard copy from and at all good book stores.

About Davey du Plessis

Davey is a remarkable and inspirational human being who chooses travel and adventure as the source of his inspirational experiences, with the aim of raising awareness for the many environmental challenges we are faced with today. Besides cycling through Africa, and the Amazon adventure, which involved cycling, hiking, kayaking and tubing, Davey is a keen surfer and social footballer. Prior to the shooting, Davey had already summitted Mount Mismi solo, and navigated through the rapids section of the Amazon. He is passionate about nature, the environment and the animal kingdom and has an active interest in learning about the world to explore and offer workable solutions for the many challenges facing the planet.

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