OBiKWA Moscato is schweeeet!


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Find an easy solution for a leisurely supper with OBiKWA Moscato, the sweet one in this range of quality, pocket friendly wines with a different variety for every day of the week.

"OBiKWA Moscato is a refreshing, deliciously full sweet wine packed with fruity Muscat flavours and a crisp, clean finish,” says OBiKWA Cellarmaster, Michael Bucholz, who recommends serving this easy drinking white with a roasted butternut, pine nut and parmesan pizza.

"The subtle sweet flavours of the butternut work its magic with OBiKWA Moscato. Pine nuts add a nice crunch and the Parmesan cheese ties it all together,” adds Michael.

Making this 100% vegetarian pizza is easy and the perfect solution if you love your veg or just want to cut down on your red meat every now and then. Prepare your favourite pizza base, or try a shop bought alternative and arrange blocks of roasted butternut on top. Then, sprinkle with a handful of pine nuts, pop it in the oven for about 10 minutes and serve with parmesan shavings, fresh rocket and glass of Moscato on the side.

Life is a journey worth celebrating, so go on stick your neck out and grab a bottle of OBiKWA Moscato. Selling at around R28 per bottle, the OBiKWA range of varietal wines is available at leading outlets country-wide.

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