Red Bull X-Fighters to return to the Union Buildings in September 2015


After a spectacular world tour final in 2014, the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour again returns to the Capital next year.

Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool

PRETORIA (South Africa) – The 2015 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour will return to South Africa and features two new locations in Athens and the UAE to highlight the five-round 2015 season that is shaping up to be the most exciting championship battle in its 15th season. Defending champion Josh Sheehan will be up against three ex-champs determined to end the Australian’s reign on top of the world’s most prestigious freestyle motocross series with their bags of new tricks. The 2015 World Tour will also return to the traditional hotbeds of Mexico City & Madrid and before making its way back to Pretoria.

Pretoria played host to the world final in 2014 where 22,000 fans looked on as Josh Sheehan double-backflipped his way to his first world title with the spectacular architecture of the Sir Herbert Baker-designed Union Buildings as a backdrop. As the fourth stop in the 2015 calendar it’s sure to be another highlight for both riders and spectators.

The world's best FMX riders will also be looking forward to the first-ever Red Bull X-Fighters in Greece. They will take a journey into antiquity and compete in Athens’ famous Dionyssos Marble Quarry, which has been providing marble since the Golden Age of Pericles for monuments such as the Acropolis as well as Classical, Hellenistic and Roman sculptures. The World Tour will hold its first season finale in the United Arab Emirates.

There have been five different winners in the last five years and four will participate in the 2015 battle. Tom Pagès of France (2013 World Tour Champion), Levi Sherwood of New Zealand (2012), Spain’s Dany Torres (2011) and the current World Tour champion Josh Sheehan of Australia will be flipping and flying their way around the world in pursuit of an elusive second title. 

2015 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour calendar:

March 6 - Mexico City, Mexico

June 12 - Athens, Greece

July 10 - Madrid, Spain

September 12 - Pretoria, South Africa

October 30 - United Arab Emirates