The sport and business of horse racing


Words: Catherine Hartley│Video: Andrew Bon, video producer and presenter

From the origins of the English Derby, now sponsored by Investec, to the Durban July, horse racing has a long and regal history filled with competitive tales and excitement, emotional highs and lows. Horse racing is so much more than just a gambling sport, it is a passion and a lifestyle centred around a living, breathing creature that has been part of human progress and development over the centuries.

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The Thoroughbred racehorse has a unique grace and majesty that stirs a passion in mere mortals and offers the opportunity for ordinary people to compete against and rub shoulders with royalty and aristocracy.

Andrew Bon, a well-known TV presenter and producer, offers an inside look and enticing view into the world of horse racing. As a keen fan of racing, Andrew has a passion for and in-depth knowledge of the Thoroughbred racehorse and travels around the world telling their stories. It all started with following a South African horse, London News, to Hong Kong in 1997 and he has never been the same since. London News was owned by the late Mr and Mrs Jaffee, trained by Alec Laird, and the first South African horse to travel abroad to race when he won the QEii Stakes.

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