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Be a fighter


Words: Kelly Burke

Challenges, do they fuel you or create a sense of fear? Does every inch of you pump with adrenalin whenever you encounter a new challenge? Probably not, and that's ok. If a challenge doesn't create an initial sense of excitement and anxiety, then you might want to ask yourself "is this what I really want?" or perhaps "is this what I'm passionate about?"

My story started when I was challenged by a girl in high school. I could have gone home and told my mom that I wanted to change schools. I could have easily run away, but I didn't. Instead, I chose to stand my ground and fight back. The minute you decide to take a stand for what you believe in, that's your first step to success!

There are constant challenges in our personal and professional lives, and even as progressive as the business world may seem, there are still many challenges for women in business. Must we be harder on our employees? Should we be overly stern in meetings? Do we really have to do and be all these things to prove that we can "run with the men"? No, we don't.

We don't have to act like a man. We have to be a fighter.

More notes on Liane

Liane Wadman is a South African Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts) athlete and national champion. After discovering her passion for the arts in 2004, Liane has since competed at several National Championships where she received the title of National Champion in a variety of categories, including Sanshou (amateur full contact fighting) and Taolu (choreographed routines) in both the bare hand and weaponry (spear, broadsword and staff) divisions.

Liane nicknamed “Ninja” was first selected to represent the South African Wushu Federation merely 2 years after she started training, and then received her South African colours for Wushu in 2009. Since then, she has competed at 3 international Wushu championships and festivals, winning silver and bronze medals.

Professionally, Liane obtained her Btech Degree in Public Relations Management in 2005, but soon discovered her passion for Marketing, which has a strong emphasis on brand management. She has been the National Marketing Manager for the Simply Asia restaurant group since 2011. Her portfolio includes overseeing the rejuvenation of the brand, implementation of new national marketing and advertising strategies and opening of 20 stores nationwide, amongst many other responsibilities.

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