The best of both worlds


Words: Sarah Kobal | Photos:

Adidas has recently launched a brand new pair of sunglasses and if you’re a water sports junkie or like to play in the dirt, then read on.

The best of both worlds

Apart from the great look and feel, the new adidas Tycane Pro sunglasses boast hydrophobic filter technology, which means they are essentially dust, dirt, and water proof, including sea water. This eyewear comes with an integrated headband and floater, making the sunglasses easy to find if they do fall in the water.

Adidas has thought of everything, from vision and fit to protection. The Tycane Pro sunglasses offer the following features:


* • Hydrophobic - Water droplets (including salt from the sea), dust, and dirt are repelled from the lens, leaving the lens clean and dry. The lens also has a slippery surface, so it is easier to clean.
• Decentred Vision Advantage™ PC Lens – Distortion-free vision is prevented by having a polycarbonate lens. This PC lens fits to the maximum optical quality one level, thus reducing eye fatigue.
• Quick-Change Lens System™ - No matter the weather you play your sport in, there is always a lens suited for it. Thanks to these sunglasses having a quick-change lens system, you are able to change your lenses in one easy movement. Simple, fast, and sturdy.


• Double-snap Nose Bridge™ - You can snap the nose bridge backwards and forwards for a custom, comfortable fit. The nosepiece is also non-slip, so it’s fantastic if you sweat a lot.
• TRi.FIT™ - The TRI.FIT system allows you to adjust the height in three different angles easily, making it a perfect fit for your face, as well as compensating for the angle of the sun’s rays.
• Grip systems – There are groves on the arms of the eyewear that create a non-slip, pressure-free, and stable fit, to keep your eyewear exactly where it needs to be.
• 2 sizes – Because every person varies in size and shape, adidas has compensated for this by creating two sizes of this eyewear.
• Cap capable – The eyewear is designed in such a way that the specific curved temples and frames fit comfortably under hats and visors.


• Wrap-around view and protection – Due to the wrap-around technology, the snug fit ensures that the sunglasses won’t fall off, as well as protects one's eyes from any kind of external influences.
• ClimaCool™ - No more fogging. This technology is based on dynamic ventilation, meaning that air is directed in such a way that it's not intrusive or disturbing to your eyesight.
• SPX™/Flex Zones™ - The SPX™ material is break proof, while the Flex Zones™ provide a comfortable fit.

In the field

As a mountain biker, I found these sunglasses very useful against the dirt and dust. Regardless of whether my mate was creating dust clouds ahead of me, or I was going through water, thanks to the hydrophobic filter technology, my vision was never impaired, and my eyes were dust free and as fresh as they were before going out for a ride. After a dirty mountain biking session, I took off my sunglasses to clean them and was astonished to see that they weren't even dirty!

The only negative point I had was when I was wearing a pair that was too small for me and used a headband whilst cycling, which caused the sunglasses to fog up. Once I changed the size, I had no other problems.

In summary, I highly recommend these sunglasses if you take part in ground or water sports. So, if you are in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, consider the adidas Tycane Pro sunglasses because you won’t be disappointed!


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