Crosse & Blackwell Trim Women of Health 2014 Challenge


Words & Photo: Jade Reinertsen

We know that hectic schedules compromise our good intentions to have a balanced healthy lifestyle right? We also know that 80% of the journey to looking fabulous is eating the right food, but why is it then so difficult for us to have a balanced healthy lifestyle?

Crosse & Blackwell Trim Women of Health 2014 Challenge

Crosse & Blackwell Trim, together with their newly appointed brand ambassador, and one of South Africa’s well-loved fitness experts, Lisa Raleigh, are proud to bring you the “Crosse & Blackwell Trim Women of Health 2014 Challenge.” Simply register online today to start the New Year with a healthy mind, body and attitude! (

The “Crosse &Blackwell Trim Women of Health 2014 Challenge”, is designed to help you reach your New Year health and wellness goals by providing Free Trimouts, Free Trimmeals and expert advice. The challenge, which starts on 1 February 2014, will leave you feeling fit, fabulous and full of energy.

You can also log and track your goals by logging on Crosse & Blackwell’s website. To help you stay motivated and keep track throughout the challenge, you get expert advice and stand a chance to win incredible spot prizes.

These include: escapes to luxurious health retreats; smart new gym equipment and the best personal trainers; and there’s also a grand prize of R50 000 to make the end goal taste that much sweeter!

What’s more, is that we have also teamed up with Lisa to bring you the Free Crosse & Blackwell SUNFIT workout classes Monday to Saturday, which are launching in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg in February 2014. Crosse &Blackwell SUNFIT classes are not only super fun to do, but also provide great motivation to get you outdoors in the summer sun, and a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who are all eager to become healthier and happier just like you.

We look forward to working together on getting trim this summer!