Trim Women of Health Challenge


Words: Jade Reinertsen

We all have good intentions to enjoy a balanced, healthy lifestyle, but they rarely work out, what with hectic schedules and the chaos of daily life… but what better motivation is there then FREE access to dynamic workout classes?

Trim Women of Health Challenge

That’s right! SUNFIT workout classes are absolutely FREE and have been designed to engage your sense of fun with your body’s natural desire to move. They’ve also been developed to help instil a high sense of motivation to reach your goals, and encourage you to get you outdoors in the summer sun.

And the great thing is that you’re not alone! These dynamic classes are geared to help you meet like-minded individuals – all of which are eager to become healthier and happier!

What’s more, they’re led by Lisa Raleigh, the brand ambassador of Crosse & Blackwell Trim. As one of South Africa’s renowned fitness experts, Lisa will be there for you along your journey, helping you become the fitter, healthier, more fabulous YOU that actually achieves your 2014 health goals!

The time is now – your first FREE SUNFIT workout is on 1 February 2014 (7:45am) at Monte Casino, Johannesburg.

What are you waiting for? Choose the class and time online at that suits you and get cracking!