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Photo feature: Winter Whip snowboarding jam 

Words & Photos: Kevin Sawyer, www.kevinsawyer.co.za

Top snowboarders from all over the world descended on Afriski Mountain Resort's Kapoko Park, in Lesotho, for the Winter Whip Rail and Kicker Snowboarding Jam, held on 2 August 2014. Competing in the exciting jam-format contest, snowboarders' skills were put to the test as they battled it out. Check out these amazing images from the event.

Photo credit: Kevin Sawyer

Image 01

Andrew le Roux (winner) throwing a huge nose grab off the third and final kicker during the big air jam.

Image 02

All riders gathered on the slope early waiting to get their adrenaline fix in the park.

Image 03

A fresh Kapoko Park that was built especially for The Winter Whip, changing the line from the old park.

Image 04

Once you get the hang of the ski lift, the ride up the mountain is an awesome experience.

Image 05

Everyone was out to do bigger and better tricks.

Image 06

Marko Grilc (international Red Bull athlete) showing off with a massive backflip.

Photo credit: Kevin Sawyer

Image 07

The jumps were cleaned and checked before every heat run to ensure the riders got the best surface.

Image 08

Andrew le Roux, a very happy winner of The Winter Whip 2014.

Image 09

The Winter Whip event pulled crowds from all over to Afriski Mountain Resort, in Lesotho.

Image 10

There was plenty of entertainment at the event, with live music and chilled vibes at the cooler box all day.

Image 11

At night, everybody joins the fun happening at the Sky Restaurant.

Image 12

Enjoying the view from the top of the mountain.

Image 13

Frozen rivers litter the landscapes on the journey through the Valley of Hope in Lesotho.