SUNfit launches its first community venue


Words by: SUNFit

Bringing you FREE fitness since 2006, SUNfit has broadened its reach with the first community venue in Lamontville, Durban.

Courtesy of: SUNfit

Lamontville is Durban’s oldest African township built in 1934. It has a population of over 32 000 people, most of whom are Zulu or Xhosa speaking. This is the first community SUNfit has grown in with many new communities on the near horizon.

Sandile Simanane is a 29 year old Life Saver who loves fitness and loves helping people. He started teaching fitness classes 2 years ago and decided that Lamontville needed its own Virgin Active, a free one, where people can get fit and healthy and have fun together in their community. Together with members of the community they decided to start the evening classes at the municipal hall in the township. The group grew to 80 strong and now they get 60-80 people every weeknight. The sessions are aerobic, dance, boxercise style training. SUNfit has up skilled members of the community providing new job opportunities as well as free fitness for this community. Much loved by the community SUNfit brings a new sense of unity and strength to this township.

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