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WhiskyBrother brings in 400 bottles of rare premium selected whisky from a single cask


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WhiskyBrother, an iconic speciality whisky store in Hyde Park is delighted to announce the arrival of a new whisky bottled from a single cask. The cask in question was personally selected by well-known whisky enthusiast and founder of the store, Marc Pendlebury, chosen on behalf of the store, and was bottled exclusively for WhiskyBrother.

Livewired Public Relations

Earlier this year Pendlebury travelled to Scotland to fulfil his dream of selecting a whisky directly for the cask to be bottled for WhiskyBrother, a dream that far preceded his plan to open a whisky shop.  On a cold Monday in February just outside the quaint town of Pitlochry, an afternoon was spent tasting various single malts from across Scotland in the maturation warehouse of the independent bottler, Signatory. 

The benefit of an independent bottler is the huge selection and variety of whisky that they can offer.  It is often a misconception that independent bottlers produce whisky.  Independent bottlers buy casks from distilleries across Scotland and in some cases around the world, and bottle it under their own label.  They are also not restricted to a core range, style or age.  Pendlebury explains that, “every release is different, and the whisky selected solely on its merits and interest factor.  The practise dates back centuries and independent bottlers are an integral part of the whisky world, although not widely known by South African whisky drinkers.”

Out of the several whiskies that were tasted at the independent bottler, three samples were brought back to South Africa for final selection.  “The winning cask was chosen solely on the whisky we thought was best, we didn’t concern ourselves with which distillery it came from or how old it was,” explains Pendlebury. 

The selected cask which was distilled on the 28th of August 1998 and bottled on the 24th of March 2014, has finally arrived.  “It is interesting, is a cask strength, limited, individually numbered, presented in a beautiful bottle, very well priced for what it is, tastes brilliant (in our humble yet experienced opinion) and best of all, we get to share it with our fellow South African whisky enthusiasts,” says Pendlebury. 

“It is a rare experience to try a single cask 15 year old Glenlivet whisky, particularly one that was matured in a 500 litre butt, which previously contained Oloroso sherry.  The unique aspect is that the wood absorbs the flavours from the sherry, which are then subsequently imparted into the whisky contributing to its full-bodied profile,” explains Pendlebury.  The 500 litre cask yielded exactly 419 bottles, evidence of the angel’s share and leakage over the casks lifetime.

The bottle which has a cask strength of 54.8%, is particularly special because the vast majority of whisky in South Africa is bottled at an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 43%. It is felt that a cask strength whisky is in a more natural state and has a richer flavour, making this a preferred option amongst serious whisky enthusiasts. “Most whisky drinkers do not want such a high alcohol content as it can be challenging to drink.  The term ‘cask strength’ on the bottle means that the whisky has not been diluted, and has been bottled at the same strength it was when lying in the cask just before being bottled,” advises Pendlebury. 

This 15 year old independent Glenlevit, Speyside single malt whisky is unchill-filtered and naturally coloured; it meets all the right criteria for a full-bodied, memorable experience.  “One can expect juicy plums and apricots, with chocolate and pipe tobacco.  Plenty of rich spice, sherry-soaked fruits, vanilla and coco, with a hint of oak, Pendlebury concludes.  The limited supply is now exclusively available at WhiskyBrother and retails at special launch price of R 1 300 incl. VAT.