About us


DO IT NOW Magazine aims to inspire and motivate all South Africans to get involved in more adventure, sport and lifestyle activities and events that are available to us locally and internationaly; be it paddling through white water, taking to the mountains, soaring in the clouds, crossing deserts, travelling to the most extraordinary places, participating in your favourite sport, visiting a festival or opening up the throttle on a race track or open road ...



DO IT NOW Magazine is a monthly adventure, sport and lifestyle magazine for readers of all ages. Each issue features entertaining, educational and inspirational articles on just about anything and everything related to adventure, sport and lifestyle activities or events at home and abroad.


Contributors to the magazine include professional sports men and women who enjoy sharing their wealth of knowledge, and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. With such a vast range of topics, all complimented by quality photographs, no two issues are the same, thus ensuring that our readers are hooked from beginning to end.


Some added benefits are our DINList: an up to date calendar on a wide variety of events and activities throughout Africa; an inSTORE section that features a range of awesome products at discounted prices to DO IT NOW subscribers only; and exciting competitions with equally exciting prizes up for grabs. Subscribers also receive our weekly DINFo newsletter with results from the past weekend's events, news about upcoming happenings, and interesting competitions.

The magazine is built on three pillars: Adventure, Sport and Lifestyle, and each section is divided into Categories that showcase visual galleries and videos, as well as links to articles and information.



The Adventure section is dedicated to adventure and covers a wide variety of related topics for the outdoor enthusiast. The magazine and DO IT NOW's website share fascinating, adrenalin pumping experiences and provide information on what equipment is required to enjoy it safely, plus advice on popular destinations. Some of the categories covered in this section include scuba diving, high performance driving, kayaking, rafting, boating, off-road driving, big dune driving, dirt biking, paragliding, skydiving and mountain climbing.



The Sport section is a great resource for all sportsmen and women. It features in-depth coverage on numerous events and sport-related activities such as mountain biking, paddling, trail running, triathlons, marathons, adventure racing, mountaineering, hang gliding, wakeboarding, surfing, training advice, nutritional information, profiles and much more.



The Lifestyle section provides a wealth of valuable information for those who are passionate about golf, vehicle reviews, hiking, fly fishing, photography, insurance matters, recipes, gaming, music and movie reviews and various competitions. You will also find useful travel tips, off-the-beaten-path itineraries and amazing personal experiences, as well as an incredible photography section. Our inVOLVED section is where we focus on creating awareness for all the many unsung heroes, those who are less fortunate than us, and protecting our animals and planet.