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If you are serious about your health and optimum sports’ performance, then nutrition is as...

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When it comes to doing good deeds, there are a number of great initiatives on the...

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Are you an athlete that has an 8-5 job, a family to take care of, and you still...

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BODY WORLDS and the Cycle of Life

“Like no other museum experience in the world, BODY WORLDS changes the way we see ourselves.”

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What is Turbo Freeze all about?

From the creator of Bio Freeze Danné Montague-King comes Turbo Freeze Therapeutic Pain Relief and Turbo Freeze Turbo Chill Body Wash Gel. Turbo Freeze also called Deep Freeze in the USA, is an improved formula to relieve pain and to assist with recovery after strenuous exercise or work outs.

Water sports in Winter?

Contrary to what one might think, the call of the Atlantic becomes even louder in winter.

inREVIEW: Physicool therapeutic bandages

The next time you injure yourself, forget about digging in the freezer for a pack of frozen peas or wrapping ice blocks in a tea towel to help reduce the pain and swelling because there's a new product that is sure to make your life so much easier.


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Michael Makings Showreel 2013 (Part 1)
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THE COLOR RUN™ - Be a Color Runner™


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Unfit or just fatigued?


Air temperature


One of the main factors that influence...

SMART goal setting for success


Setting smart goals is very important as it not only gives you something to work...

Sleep to improve your performance

There is no doubt that sleep fulfills a physiological need, but what do we get out of this...

Natural Selection

Spirulina and hemp seeds are superfoods and are also two of the highest sources of vegetable...