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Learning to Breathe Again

A breath. Is that all that was needed? One breath that would justify 30 years worth of breathing...


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Microlight Flight: South Africa
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1. Atos VR 2012 Trike Electric/Gasoline Drachenfliegen Volo Libero Aircraft Hang Glider

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World Parachuting Championships - Dubai Mondial 2012

In addition to the FAI events being contested, a demo event for Speed Skydiving (a non-FAI event...

Chasing Records

In early November 2011 I embarked on a paragliding trip to Prieska, in the Northern Cape, with...

ACRO - A Glimpse into the World of Paragliding Aerobatics

A paraglider is the only aircraft in the world that can do a positive-G forward loop. Performing...

Free Flight: A Closer Look a Paragliding