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All will be revealed on Saturday, 17 August 2013, when we find out which one of the 15 national...


I have always looked on tour guiding as a job straight from heaven. You get to...

Emerging Explorer

Steve Boyes, a South African born and bred conservation biologist based in-between...

Paws for Thoughts this Christmas

Janga finds His Forever Home: In 2008, whilst looking for a dog friend for another animal lover...

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Celebrating “100 blooming years” Kirstenbosch and the Botanical Society of South Africa are enjoying a momentous landmark year and the Botanical Art Biennale from August 30 to September 15 will, without doubt, be one of the high points of the year. Sponsored by Old Mutual and taking place in the...

 Rhino Force Supports Salaries for Rangers and Trackers to Combat Poaching

World Ranger Day, observed globally on 31 July 2013 by the International Ranger Federation (IRF), celebrates the honourable and dangerous work rangers do to protect the world’s wildlife.

On the beautiful evening of 23 June 2013, a spectacular event unfolded. An event that swings by once a year. An event which; many people fail to notice or even understand. This particular event is that of the 2013 Perigee Moon.


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All in for Rhinos: World Rhino Day 2011 Highlights
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Making a difference for the Rhino

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Hidden Gems & Gorges

Hwange National Park

Most people prefer to travel to Hwange National Park, in Zimbabwe...

Jo’burg’s Biggest and Best Parks

Johannesburg City Parks has been working since 2000 to create and maintain 22,278-hectares of...

Green in Africa

When I first quit my job and decided to embark on a freelance writing career, my friends thought...

The fish don't stand a chance

Our appetite for fish is exceeding the oceans' ecological limits with devastating impacts on...