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Mount Kilimanjaro

Looking for an extreme adventure to tackle this year? Well, look no further as we have just the...

Antarctica (a race against time)

I'm sitting on an old camping chair under a tall old Oak Tree at my cabin in the Cederberg...

Finding a new spirit of adventure at Everest Base Camp

Competitive sport has always been close to my heart and I have treated sport as an important...


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Packing a backpack for Mountaineering
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The best mountaineer in the World

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Liberation Peak

The following year, a family bereavement thwarted us just before we boarded the plane. And now,...

Climbing to the Top of Europe

Despite some serious health setbacks, including being wheelchair bound for a while, nothing was...

Summiting Africa's Icy Crown

Trekking to the roof of Africa is on a lot of people’s bucket lists. Climbing Kilimanjaro from...

Winter Climbing Blues