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Peacock cleaner shrimp

A definition of muck diving, which I have made up based on experience and a number of web-based...

Scuba Diving
Diving Bilene - the lesser-known Mozambican diving destination

If you were to ask the diving community what the most popular diving spots in Mozambique are,...

Scuba Diving
Mozambique Manta Coast

Having had the privilege of diving around the world, Laura and I keep a running scorecard of our...

Scuba Diving

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Scuba – The Sport that’s Shaping Top Celebs

How do you burn up to 900 calories an hour, tone your entire body, and de-stress in the most beautiful environments on the planet? Scuba diving.


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Pro Dive diving with sharks in Port Elizabeth South Africa
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Scuba Diving with Pro Dive at Raggies Rock - Plettenberg Bay

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Raja Ampat - Southern Mystique of Misool

Misool rests nestled in the southern region of a diving Mecca known as Raj Ampat, in West Papua...

Ribbon Reef with Da Blue Juice

Arriving at the beach, Digger and Mich, the owners of Da Blue Juice, and their crew warmly...

Treading Lightly at Rocktail Beach Camp

The soothing rhythm of the sea failed to lull us into a sense of complacency as we peered...

The Lembeh Straight - A Muck Place to Dive

Sounds absolutely terrible right? So why on earth did Laura and I, like thousands of other...