What is Turbo Freeze all about?

Words: Rachel Perrin

From the creator of Bio Freeze Danné Montague-King comes Turbo Freeze Therapeutic Pain Relief and Turbo Freeze Turbo Chill Body Wash Gel. Turbo Freeze also called Deep Freeze in the USA, is an improved formula to relieve pain and to assist with recovery after strenuous exercise or work outs.

The products work on the principle of cryotherapy (ice packs without ice). It decreases cellular metabolism, increases cellular survival, decreases inflammation, pain, spasms and promotes vasoconstriction.


How it works: Cryotherapy pushes fluid and lipids away from the site of injury and/or swelling and the “cold” sets off chemical responses in the brain that act as analgesic pain blocks.


Turbo Freeze has all the same effects as Bio Freeze, including ILEX which enhances the cold sensation as well as newer wetting agents that provide longer lasting and deeper penetration, therefore making it even more effective. The Turbo Freeze Pain Relief Gel is applied locally for pain, anywhere on the body, except for sensitive areas. Massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and biokeneticists can use it as a “post-massage” treatment wearing gloves. This gel is also suitable for the treatment of general aches and pains associated with joints and muscles, as well as arthritis.


The Turbo Freeze Chill Body Wash Gel is great to use after a work-out, race or any sporting event. It helps relieve strains, heat, exhaustion, etc. It has also been reported to help with treatment of hot flushes associated with menopause.


Another application is for Sun burn. It helps the DNA of your skin cells not record the insult from the radiation plus the cooling effect fooling the receptors into not feeling a lot of heat.


DMK South Africa is the distributor for Turbo Freeze® in Africa. The name Deep Freeze® is registered in USA and is has no connection or affiliation to Deep Freeze registered in the UK.


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